Walking to Class

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room on the island of Naxos, not Paros, after traveling here by ferry for the weekend. We’ve just visited a museum, a nice café, and the Portara. Here, I have the smaller bed of the two (with Dora the Explorer sheets), but I’m certainly not complaining.

Walking to Class

I decided to do this post about my walk to school though, which takes about 15 minutes, unless I’m running late (which is somewhat often) and I cut it down to around 10. Walking is a great way to preface class, especially with the views along the way.

There’s a block or two of walking between our apartments and the sidewalk along the beach. The rest of the way is adjacent to the shoreline.


About halfway along, there’s a supermarket that is usually open, and is good for snacks, rice, and the odd bathroom or kitchen item. You might be able to see it on the left side of this photo.


Further along, past the harbor, is an open bay. The beach is rocky in most areas, but the occasional sandy inlet offers shallow swimming space. The waves, rocky outcrops, and countless shades of blue will often have me staring, with or without a camera.


The rest of the buildings on the shore are mostly restaurants, bars, and cafés. My favorite place to stop by for coffee is Secret, which lies in front of the main school building and under the photography studio. Espresso is inexpensive and delicious, and the baristas are wonderful. At that, I can easily justify grabbing a cup before class.

Groceries and Gyros

As long as I’ve brought up Secret and the Super Market, I should also point out my favorite place for gyros (based on price, portions, and consistent quality), as well as the market I go to for fresh vegetables. I can barely pronounce the name of the place, but when I go there I typically spend only 7 or 8 euros for more than enough onions, carrots, peppers, zucchini, cabbage, spices, and even some dried fruit for a whole week. Restaurant prices can be expensive but cooking at home is not at all.

If the day is windy, I might cut through the side streets, and if I’m in a group or just up for another gyro place, then there are plenty of options, but I’ve yet to be disappointed by a shop or even a street along the way.

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