VIVA ESPANA!- and Goodbye for Now

Somehow, by sheer luck, we had managed to end our time in Spain and fly back to the states the day after the Eurocup Final. This was absolutely brilliant because by some amazing trick of fate Spain had made it to the finals and we were able to watch in nail biting anticipation as they gloriously defeated Italy 4-0! It was the most gratifying experience to be apart of the massive celebration going on all over Sevilla and I’m sure all over Spain, with the streets overflowing with Spaniards blowing victory horns, decked out in the red and gold with face paint and crazy hair accessories, the night was wild and long! It was an epic night that we were able to share with the many amazing people we had met, able to share this last experience with them before we said goodbye. But, sadly, the night was not long enough, for the morning came and our plane awaited to take us away from this other world, this dynamic and intriguing city. I looked forward to coming back someday in the future, knew that it was certain that this would not be my last trip to Seville, and hope that the next time it would be as kind to me as it had this time.

The week after class was over for us, we spent some time traveling around Spain, exploring the architectural beauty of Gaudi in Barcelona, the lovely beaches of Mallorca and we even spent a day in Paris. But returning to Sevilla where we would fly out of when we headed back to the states, it was like Cinthya and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. We were back in our second home, where we had friends and familiar places, a great feeling of love for this city and it’s amazing people, architecture and attractions, which we will always have.

As the plane took off I reflected on our last days in Seville: How when the time came for our last class at CLIC, it didn’t really hit me that we wouldn’t be back until the teacher started assigning homework due the following Monday. I think that was the first time I was sad about not having homework, knowing that I wouldn’t be apart of the school then or encounter the classmates I had seen on a regular basis for the past month. It was a surreal walk home from school that day as I took in our usual route, trying to imprint people and buildings into my mind in order to recall them at some various point in the future…until next time España






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