Top 10 Travel Hacks: “How Did I Not Think of This?”

Back in May, BuzzFeed.com posted “19 Travel Hacks That’ll Make You Go, ‘How Did I Not Think of This?” Here are Athena’s Top 10 from that list for students studying abroad:

1.Store your small electronics in koozies to prevent tangling and make them easier to find in your suitcase or carry-on.

2. Got some stubborn hotel curtains that just won’t close all the way? Check the closet for some hangers with clips. They’ll eliminate that annoying sliver of light so you can nap in peace.

3. Contact lenses make great little containers for things like moisturizers and creams, especially if you don’t want to pack full-size products.

4. Bring a power strip to the airport to create multiple new outlets at the (often crowded) charging station.

5. If you’re traveling internationally, bring a power strip that gives you multiple outlets using just one adaptor, instead of buying lots of singles for all your electronics.

6. Tired of pulling tangled jewelry out of your suitcase? Store it in a pill box! You can even organize it based on how you want to accessorize each day of your trip.

7. Wrap any glass or valuables you pack in diapers, so they’re protected and won’t break in your suitcase.

8. Avoid paying for overpriced water at the airport by bringing an empty reusable water bottle through security and filling it at the nearest water fountain or faucet.

9. Use a plastic fork to avoid your cords sliding all around every time you unplug them from your electronics.

10. No in-flight TV? Put your phone in a plastic baggie and hang it on the seat in front of you for some prime personal entertainment.

See the complete original Buzzfeed.com post. (Athena does not recommend Buzzfeed’s #15 because it is inconsiderate to future hotel guests, and let’s be honest, rather gross too! Also, several tips are wasteful—plastic, diapers—so the best travel hacks would be those that are environmentally sustainable.)

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