Top 10 List: Things You Can Expect to Change When You Study Abroad

by Pilar Filgueira
Athena Study Abroad

You have probably heard that studying abroad is a life-changing experience. But what does that really mean?  Here we outline ways that study abroad can change your life for the better!

1.Your taste buds. You will find yourself in the store trying to find the right ingredients, the perfect spice or that brand that you used to buy while you were abroad, to try to replicate those dishes for your family and friends.

2.Your perspective about your country. You saw and experienced how the rest of the world sees the US, and that will make you change your point of view. You will be able to see your own country with new eyes. After exposing yourself to new cultures and traditions you will understand the meaning of keeping your traditions alive. 

3. Your contact list. Yes, you will not only make friends from all over the world but also contacts who will broaden your network list.

4. Your language skills. You probably learned a new language–at least a couple of words–and now you want to get more engaged with the language. Do it! Learning a language helps your brain keep active and it might give you some academic credits as well!

5. You will appreciate the little things more. You will certainly miss all those things that you once took for granted. You will come back from your study abroad time with a new sense of appreciation for your family and friends.

6. Your levels of independence and confidence. When you study abroad, you will probably have to solve some problems and get out of your comfort zone. Those experiences will make you grow more independent, as you will be able to solve problems by yourself.

7.Your resume. A study abroad experience is always a good bonus to add to your resume. The international experience is always an important part of a job interview. For tips and ideas on how to add that experience to your resume, visit How to Write About Your Study Abroad on Your Resume

8. Your priorities, your direction in life. Maybe you will change your major or your other priorities and you will feel like more of a global citizen–thinking more about international careers and acting on more global awareness.

9. Yourself. Being abroad will make you rethink your beliefs, values and points of view, and it will make you gain identity and maturity.

10. Yes, you might have been bitten by the travel bug. Now you will try to travel again, no matter where, no matter when!

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