Thiel College WXTC Radio Interview of Athena – Budgeting for Study Abroad

Thiel’s College WXTC Radio (88.1 FM) welcomed Athena’s President to talk about study abroad as part of the “Shake Your Money Maker” show on budgeting for study abroad.

One of the most common concerns about studying abroad is how to afford it. Stacy answered Jessica, Carrie and Annmarie’s questions about the different study abroad options, programs, scholarships and financial aids that Athena Study Abroad provides to help students make studying abroad possible.

We can’t wait to help more of our hometown Thiel students explore the world!


Listen to the whole interview here!

Time Outline

  • Music intro= 0:01-0:26
  • Are there any Thiel scholarships?= 1:00-2:07
  • Athena- About Stacy and Athena Abroad= 2:08-5:02
  • What courses are offered?= 5:03-6:27
  • What are some of the misconceptions about Study Abroad?:
    • Financial concerns = 6:28-7:38, 8:18-9:52 (Base Price Info)
    • Courses Transferring= 7:38-7:56
    • FOMO= 7:56-8:17
  • Budgeting= 10:00-10:38
  • What are the excursions included?= 10:58-12:30
  • What are the focus and the age range?= 12:34-13:59
  • Talk with Thiel Students (tabling)= 13:59-15:02
  • Break 15:03-16:43
  • Some financial tips, scholarships and summer prices = 17:11-19:33
  • What is the Fee Freeze?= 19:09-19:33
  • When can I apply? What are the deadlines?= 19:34-20:42
  • Are there any student discount cards?= 20:42-22:27
  • How can you budget while abroad?= 22:52-24:43
  • What are the cheaper programs?= 27:34-28:13
  • Marketable in job field= 28:13-29:41


Or if you prefer, you can watch and listen the interview:

PART 1: Get to Know Athena's Story!

PART 2: What courses can you take while abroad?

PART 3: Misconceptions About Studying Abroad

PART 4: Excursions and Field Trips

PART 5: How to Save Money

PART 6: How Soon is Too Soon?

PART 7: Budgeting

PART 8: Include Studying Abroad on Your Resume!

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