There’s a Chipotle in London

The last few weeks I spent going back to the West Coast of Ireland with my parents and exploring more of Dingle and Killarney. If you want to study abroad tell your parents they can come visit- it is a great way to convince them. It was my mom’s first time out of the United States so it was a very big deal for her and she was thankful to have the opportunity to join me abroad.


This past weekend my friends and I went to London and explored all of the typical touristy stuff. We looked at Big Ben, walked to London Bridge via the Queen’s walk, and headed towards Buckingham and Kensington Palace all in one day. We walked for a total of 12 miles that day and were completely exhausted when we got back to the hostel. We stayed in a really nice hostel close to the city and were able to take the Tube everywhere. Fun fact: one day after we left, Emma Watson was in The Tube leaving books behind and WE MISSED IT.


Speaking of Emma Watson, we went on The Warner Brother’s Harry Potter tour the second day there and I have never been such a Harry Potter nerd. To be honest, I always loved the books, loved the movies, but I was not a number one fan. I can now say I am a number one fan, that place was more magical than Disney World. Especially being a media major, being on a set like that, seeing the sound stage, and seeing how much detail went into all of the props was the most amazing thing in the entire world.


Next week is assignment week…where technically you are supposed to be doing your assignments…but instead I am going back to England and Switzerland. PSA: Do your homework, I just spent 10 hours doing mine so I don’t have to worry about it next week….stay in school.


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