The Luck of The Irish

Greetings from Ireland,

This afternoon while standing on one of the bridges crossing The River Liffey, I dropped my phone, it rolled to the edge, and fit perfectly right between two of the bars. It could have slid straight into the water, but miraculously I am still the proud owner of my iPhone 6. The fact that it didn’t fall into the river is nothing short of a miracle and I would say that was some true luck of the Irish.

Since I am still recovering from that close call I’ll change the subject… to be honest, I have been pretty homesick all week. It caught me by surprise because I felt so ready to go and was extremely excited to start this journey, but going out with the group of people I have become friendly with and wandering the town seems to help take my mind off of missing home. Our advisor is incredible and she really makes sure we know everything regarding our surrounding area and the information we need for school in general. I am so thankful for her and she has made adjusting that much easier by being around to help whenever it is needed.

I was lucky enough to get to live with two other girls who are travelling with Athena. The three of us already look out for each other and I always have someone to explore with. My roommate is actually a student from Nice, France, which is so cool. Studying abroad gives you such a great opportunity to meet and live with people from other countries and although there is a language barrier, she has taught me so much about France and their ways of life-thanks to google translate.

 This week I made a video featuring some of the people I have met so far and shots of the breath-taking scenery Dublin has to offer. I have only been here for a few days, yet I have met people my age from all over the world. It is truly an experience everyone needs to have and I am so happy I am here. Being homesick is a minor bump in the road, but it is also a learning process. Stepping out of your comfort zone is when the real adventure begins, so here I am. Every day I wake up amazed that I get this opportunity.

Hope you enjoy the video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P_75kV0FLc 


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