The Election in Italy

            When we were all planning our trip, we knew that we would be abroad during the election and it may be difficult for some of us. Personally, it was not difficult, but it was strange. I myself am not a very political person and I was rather surprised that it would play such a part in everyday life here in Italy. Especially going to school with so many Americans and even out in the streets of Florence. Many times during my time here I would over hear people discussing the politics of America and how we seemed to be lost on what to do this year. I heard from many professors as the election came near that we would be okay if Donald Trump became president because Italy once had Silvio Berlusconi who was apparently very much like Trump.

            Well the day came and while it was very late in America, all of us here were following the results as we got ready class that day. I was gathering up my stuff for class when I heard my housemate Katherine yell Donald Trump won! Donald Trump is our president!While Katherine wanted Trump to win over Hilary she went on the voice just how crazy it was that he won and that she could not believe. I myself was a little in awe and went on to text my mom to see how everyone was reacting back there. My mom was a little surprised as was my grandfather, meanwhile my grandmas seemed pissed even though she honestly knows very little about politics. The most strange part was to just go on with our day here and that since we are all here, there was really no talk of the election in class. We were all pretty quiet, but I think our minds were racing on if the election was really over already.

            Some students I spoke with were pissed and voiced their disdain for Trump. However, I was not too concerned. The people have spoken, there was a silent majority, and whether I completely agreed with him or not on every issue, Donald Trump is in fact going to be our next president. I think it will be different, but maybe that is a good thing.


            Im actually over seeing the arguments and violence from the results on social media. I am tired of us all being so divided when we are supposed to be one nation. No matter who our president is, the sad part is that people around the world our less concerned with who won and spoke more about how ridiculous the election process has been. It is shameful to see how people here in Italy speak about how cruel all the candidates were to each other and how fellow Americans treated each other. Thankfully, I did not have to deal with this, but I know some family members even stopped talking to each other all over who they wanted to vote for. For many younger individuals, the election became a joke online and people begin to claim that their votes would depend on a post they saw online. The election became so trivial and it caused me to be concerned that it may become even worse by the time we come to the next election season.

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