The Duomo, Lucca, and Boboli Gardens

Last week, I climbed the Duomo and the tower with two of my friends. We went into it knowing there would be a lot of steps, but I was not expecting to be this sore afterwards. It was a perfect day outside–74 and sunny. It has started to feel a little more like California recently. When we started to walk up the spiraled steps, I thought about the intricate details of the Duomo. How come there aren’t any more churches built like this one? The pillars, the masterpiece on the ceiling, the artwork on the outside: these are all parts of the Duomo that I cherish and I will miss when I leave in under 5 weeks. The view from the top of the Duomo was stunning. It made me think of all of the things I still want to do in Florence. I saw rooftop bars, museums, churches, and a lot of other places I need to see. 

On Saturday, I took a train to Pisa and took obligatory leaning tower photos. From Pisa, my friends and I took another train to a town called Lucca. Lucca reminded me slightly of Florence in areas, but it was surrounded by walls, seeming like a fortress of some sort. It was smaller and inhabited less people. We had a nice lunch and rented bikes to ride around the town. It was exhilarating to ride a bike again; it had felt so long since I rode mine back at school. We took a break and laid down in the grass. We people-watched and looked out at the view of the town. A little later, we walked around and got self-serve ice cream (which kind of felt like Yogurtland 🙂 ) then we got on a train back to Florence. Saturday was one of the best days I’ve had abroad.

On Sunday, my roommate and I decided to be productive. We set out to do homework and reading at the Boboli Gardens. This was difficult though since it was so beautiful outside. We got some things done, but we also enjoyed the sun and laid out. I noticed many cute Italian families playing and giggling. It was adorable to listen to the Italian kids but then I thought, “Wow a 3-year-old is better at Italian than I am…” But it’s okay I get by! 

This week I have to buckle down and actually do some schoolwork.. including a 15-page paper.. But I don’t have much more time in Florence, so it is time to make the most of it. Ciao!

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