Dane S. Claussen, Ph.D.

Manager of University Relations

Dr. Dane S. Claussen in February 2019 joined Athena Study Abroad as Manager of University Relations after long careers at universities and in the news media.

Since 2006, he has traveled for work and/or tourism to more than 40 countries, many of them more than once, and during 2013-15, Dane taught full-time in Shanghai International Studies University’s School of Journalism and Communication. He was a Fulbright Specialist from 2009 to 2014. Since 2017, Dane has been the editor of an international, refereed, scholarly journal, Newspaper Research Journal, published by the Newspaper & Online News Division, Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC) and SAGE Publications. From 2006 to 2012, he was editor of another international, refereed, scholarly journal, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, also published by AEJMC and SAGE.

Prior to joining Athena, Dane was the James Pedas Professor of Media, Communication & Public Relations; department chair; and Executive Director, James Pedas Communication Center, at Thiel College in Greenville, PA, 2015-18. During 2011-13, he was Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, with offices in Las Vegas and Reno. 

Previously, Dane was Assistant Professor of Media, Journalism & Film at Missouri State University (1999-2001) and Professor of Journalism & Mass Communication, School of Communication, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA (2001-10). At Point Park, he brought Fulbright students to campus for the first time in its history, directed Point Park’s M.A. program in journalism and mass communication (nine years); launched the MBA/M.A. program; and served as university Graduate Council chair (5½ years), university Faculty Development Coordinator (one year), and university Program Review Committee chair (1½ years). In 2007, Dane, working with Dhaka University and Independent University Bangladesh, designed Bangladesh’s first business journalism curriculum. In 2010, he was a public and media relations consultant to Bangladesh’s KATALYST, an economic development nonprofit funded by European governments.

In AEJMC, Dane has headed the Mass Communication & Society Division; Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship Division; Magazine Media Division; History Division; and the LGBTQ Interest Group, and served on its Publications Committee, Teaching Committee, and Diversity Task Force.

He is the author or editor of four scholarly books, as well as dozens of journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, book reviews, encyclopedia articles, and academic essays and editorials. Dane is a current or former editorial board member of more than a dozen journals, including Asia Pacific Media Educator, Australian Journalism Review, and the defunct Middle East Media Educator.

Dane holds a B.S. in journalism (Oregon, 1984); an MBA in finance and human resources (Chicago, 1986); an M.S. in mass communications (Kansas State, 1996); and a Ph.D. in mass communication (Georgia, 1999).

Athena’s travel personality ID quiz confirms that he is, in fact, an Academic.

Before Dane’s university career, he was publisher and/or editor of daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly newspapers and magazines in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Washington state.

Besides traveling the world, his interests include reading and philately. Dane is a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London, a Hall of Fame inductee and former president of the American Philatelic Society Writers Unit, and former president of the now-defunct International Philatelic Press Club.

He lives in Greenville with his spouse and their cat, Ashley.


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