Spring Break



Spring break was a journey through 13th-16th century artwork inside at least 11 different churches, 4 museums and 2 galleries and a few hikes in the mountains. Why Church? That’s where the art is at! 😀 It was great to experience the artworks in their original locations as they were meant to be viewed. I enjoyed going to the Uffizi gallery and the Academia to see David, but there’s a different connection and learning experience that happens when you see the art as it was intended by the artist. 

I’ve learned so much about the grandfathers of the art world and it was fun to see the progression of art and how it changed throughout the centuries. One artist could not have been great without knowing the skills or techniques of his predecessors. Michelangelo combined old drawing and painting techniques with the new skills that he learned during his lifetime to create amazing masterpieces.  

I really enjoyed this spring break and taking the time to discover new places and see new things. However, I am glad to be back in the classroom to work on new projects. This means my stay here is half way complete with only one month and two weeks left. The time is flying by so quickly!!! Ah! Easter is also next week and I heard that there is a big celebration that takes place at the Duomo on Easter morning. Hopefully I can get a good view of the show to share with everyone. 😀 fireworks and an exploding carriage might be involved. 😀 Stay tuned!

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