Seaside Loving

Maria is tall, willowy and speaks with the feathery accent of a Paros local. Maria is HISA’s photography professor, and this past week stated, “this semester, I want you to develop a relationship with the sea. You could spend your whole life photographing the water, but I will only have you spend the next few months learning how to document that feeling in a photograph.”

As a Cape Cod native, I view the water as a necessity, but I also view it as the banal and ordinary– the substance of daily life. To wake up, walk, drive, work is to interact with water. Maria’s prompt pulled me out of my mind for a brief moment, and reminded me that the sea is a mystery, a fish bowl encapsulating that which mankind can never overpower. To see the water as mundane is to think the sparks of fireflies will always be witnessed.

This past weekend, a group of HISA friends and I rented a car, scouting the island to find more places to love on the sea. What began as a hunt for the clearest of waters became an adventure through mountains and towns scattered with fields of goats and donkeys. My favorite town we stumbled into was Lefkés, deep in the belly of the island, with your typical white washed streets and an over abundance of small alleyways to wander through. In the end, one always ended up at the cathedral, sitting on the highest point, overlooking storefronts and neighborhoods, and out over hills chiseled into terraces for grazing and farming. It’s easy for me to be awed into silence on mountaintops like Lefkés but I look forward to finding that same peace of mind as I learn to be seduced by the sea.

My romantic sunset with the Aegean Sea a couple days ago. Photographed at the midway point between school and home.

A few days ago we walked part of the Byzantine Trail, which begins at the Cathedral in Lefkes. Below you might be able to spot the town, feat. Mason’s baseball cap.

Demetria, my new friend I met today on a walk behind Paros. She liked my apple and was very photogenic and still while I took photos.



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