Scholarship Highlight: Michele Iavagnilio Charitable Service Scholarship $8,000

Every dollar counts while you are in school. Between books, tuition, room and board, car payments, etc., money is tight for most college students. Despite this highly budgeted time in students’ lives, many still make the effort to give back to their communities help to make the world become a better place. Athena Study Abroad rewards those who’ve proven their dedication to volunteering and community service through our S.O.S. program.  As one of the three components, Scholarships Offering Support is our way of helping those who help others.


Our biggest and most prestigious scholarship is the Michele Iavagnilio Charitable Scholarship worth $8,000.  In memoriam of Michele Iavagnilio, the scholarship honors a young Italian man who had dedicated his life to giving back to his community. Michele’s family wanted his name and his aspirations to live on. Recipients of this award have the honor of meeting and sharing an authentic Italian meal with Michele’s family during their semester abroad. The scholarship is open to accepted Athena students going to Italy during the spring semester.  We encourage all eligible students to apply as we’re consistently impressed and inspired by the work being done by our students!

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