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– Allyson Gilmore
Sorrento, Italy
Grand Valley State University

“Good program to go for!


They [Athena] connected with me through the whole process, send me an email within 5 minutes after sending an email asking questions…very communicative!”

“Athena was awesome!


Anytime I needed something, Athena was there. Anything happened? Athena was there. I had questions…Athena was there. Athena was great!”

-Deisy Moncada
Florence, Italy
Lycoming University

– Nhan Nguyen & Teagan Maloney

Paros Island, Greece

 Minnesota State University, Mankato

“They [Athena] are easy to reach…


They are very accommodating, they are very kind and they are very nice and they want us actually to go. It is amazing where you feel the passion to do something and you have the support”

“Athena had the Health Science program.


so that kind of really took an interest in me
because not a lot of study abroad programs have Health Science.”

– Anastasia Lindemann
Aberdeen, Scotland
Heidelberg University

– Hunter Roberts

Rome, Italy

 Wichita State University

“It was incredible. I travelled around a lot, I learned a lot,

I got exposed to a whole new different set of cultures…


It was so much different from where am I now. It was incredible”

“I will definitely tell people to definitely do it. It is worth it.


I only went for few weeks but I wish I did the whole semester because I honestly had the time of my life. It was amazing.”

-Jen Mazeika
Sorrento, Italy
Florida Gulf Coast University

– Sarah McGonigle
Florence, Italy
University of Dayton

“I got to see everything while I was learning about it


rather than looking at a PowerPoint like most students would have to do”

“Study abroad…


…and do it with Athena!”

– Paige May

Paros Island, Greece

 Saginaw Valley State University

– Allie Kranz
Paros Island, Greece
Saginaw Valley State University

“You [Athena] have the most trips, classes are great, a lot of excursions…”


“Athena was definitely the most helpful

and they kind of held you hands through the whole process which made me feel very good as it was my first time traveling abroad by myself.”

– Erica Nemechek

Paros Island, Greece

 Xavier University

– Jenna Weingold

Paros Island, Greece

 Ohio University 

“I choose Athena because they have a small organization feel and everybody who works there is very personal


and very willing to help me through my process of application and I’m very excited to go in this program.”

“I don’t feel like I chose it, I feel like it kind of chose me. My advisor said to me one day “if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” and I knew right of the back that I wanted to go to Greece.”


– Maggie Lane

Paros Island, Greece

 Martin Methodist College

– Nicole Sauter

Paros Island, Greece

 Kent State University 

“I was looking for a project that worked for my major and it would only work in the summer,


and [Athena’s] availability for summer programs was just awesome so that was definitely the first thing that brought to me there and then the people that work there, the representatives, definitely seal the deal”

“I think that [Athena] was very helpful and did relieve a lot of stress,


working it up because I had some problems with my visa beforehand […] but it all work out because [Athena] was there to answer questions”

– Abby Reed

Florence, Italy

 Heidelberg University 

– Porus Schoff

Paros Island, Greece

 Heidelberg University 

“Athena was super nice with the emails.


I emailed and [Athena] always got back to me quick and just helpful”

“Thank you to Athena, for showing me it is possible for anyone to explore the world, despite their lack of experience! I feel so much confident about traveling and meeting new people!”

– Lindsey Bryan
Kyoto, Japan
Cleveland Institute of Art

– Khiana Washington
Paris, France
Columbia College Chicago

“Studying abroad in Paris has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to see and do sooo much including going to London and Rome on weekend excursions.


I absolutely loved the flexibility and support I was given by Athena and my on-site advisor. Can’t wait for further adventures!!”

“Athena went above and beyond my first time studying abroad and made the process easy and seamless. I would never go with any other program.

– Brianna Castillo
Japan, Greece, & Thailand
The University of New Mexico

– Gabrielle Williams
Cadiz, Spain
Oglethorpe University

“Athena’s locations are incredible and I believe that Cadiz offered me a unique experience!


I loved the structure of the classes…programs offered, and help given when needed.”

“I absolutely loved working with Athena. They were fantastic with arranging everything and keeping in contact along the way. I would recommend them to anyone considering studying abroad.

– Kiana Brayton
Dublin, Ireland
Edinboro University 

– Anna Destino
Tuscania, Italy
Lynchburg College

“I found it to be intellectually stimulating.


I chose Athena because I heard the program was small and personable like Lynchburg College.”

“Athena had the perfect location I was looking for and the cost was very reasonable.”

– Jeremy Dahl
Heidelberg, Germany
Mercyhurst University

– Sarah Buop
Florence, Italy
Miami University

“Friends and peers have recommended this program to me.


My friends who have chosen Athena have said nothing but positive things . . . Athena made my trip so much better!

“I chose Athena for the class selection and the location and the field trips offered…”

– Bryanna Drew
Paris, France

Lesley University

– Kathryn Zosky
London, England
Columbia College Chicago

“No words could accurately describe the amazing time I had over there, and I think using this program was the best decision I made.


Athena had the longest running and most appealing program for just one semester. I liked the amenities that came with the program & I felt the university that Athena was working with was a fantastic place to study.”

“The Athena Staff was super helpful and the program looked good.”

– Jacqueline Guilbeault
Quito, Ecuador
Viterbo University

– Renee Salenbien
London, England

Saginaw Valley State University

“The Athena reps were the most helpful of the program reps that I spoke to, and they were quick to respond to emails and calls.”

“Athena made the process of preparing to study abroad an absolute breeze!


I don’t know how I would have been able to do it all without the help of their wonderful reps, their organized system and their constant reminders of how close I was to making my study abroad dreams come true. Thank you Athena for helping me embark on the adventure of a lifetime!”

headshot-vanderhorst 100x100

-Sydney VanderHorst
Florence, Italy
Central Washington University


– Julianne Graffeo
Florence, Italy
Otterbein University

“The individualized attention that I received at Athena made my entire study abroad experience go smoothly.


The Athena staff continually checked in with me throughout my time abroad and they always made sure I had everything I needed and all of my questions answered. Their helpfulness and friendly demeanor really enhanced my entire experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking to study abroad in a heartbeat.”

“I love Athena! I’ve done three study abroad trips through Athena already & now I want to see the rest of the world.


Studying abroad really opens your eyes to what the world offers…I know that when it’s an Athena program, it means it’s going to be good & that I’ll always have someone there to answer my questions.”

tuttle-headshot 100x100

-Bethany Tuttle
Japan, Greece, & Germany
Saginaw Valley State University

– Riley Murtagh
Dublin, Ireland
Virginia Commonwealth University

“Out of the programs I was considering, Athena has the most included for the best price.


It also seemed to have a well constructed & organized agenda for students abroad.”

Studying in London was the greatest adventure of my life. I miss it every single day and cannot wait to go back.


Thank you Athena for making my dream possible.

Megan Keller

London, England

Berea College 

– Deanna Ferrara

Rome, Italy

University of California: Riverside

“If you are still considering studying abroad with Athena, you need to make your decision and choose them. They helped me get through any difficulties I had planning the trip of a lifetime.


Studying abroad was something that I have wanted to do ever since I got into college and now having completed this amazing experience, every moment of it was perfect. I got to meet the most wonderful people who were going to my host school and had the time of my life. I was really scared going all the way to Rome not knowing anyone and I was afraid that I wasn’t going to make any friends. Well I was wrong about that. I got to experience all the art I have studied for years and see many monuments and churches that I may have never been able to see in my life. Every day I was going somewhere new and doing something new. I have accomplished one of my biggest dreams and it feels amazing to say that I have studied in Rome, Italy. “

“I’m not sure if I chose Athena. I think Athena may have chosen me.


I am a History major with a focus in Classics. I have an obsession with Greece and especially the Cycladic islands and their ancient history. I knew all along that Greece was where I wanted to go. So I did the obvious thing… And Googled. Somehow I stumbled across Athena’s website. And from the first page of the Paros program, I was sold. I thought I was dreaming. It was too good to be true and had literally everything I wanted in a program. I had fallen in love with the island and school in less than a minute. And I am so glad I did.”

-Marialeen Ellis
Paros Island, Greece
University of Alabama at Birmingham

– Justine Stewart

Rome, Italy

Chapman University

“You shouldn’t have to think twice about studying abroad. The answer is yes. My time studying abroad in Rome might be the best time of my life so far.


Going through the study abroad process with Athena ensures a great experience wherever you decide to go.

“Athena Study Abroad has done a wonderful job in figuring out logistics, settling us into the city, and giving us a multitude of enjoyable opportunities for adventure and exploration.


We certainly took advantage of every opportunity that we could and seized the day every day…

One can never fully experience Rome. I really believe there are lifetimes worth of experiences in the Eternal City, so it is best just to enjoy every moment while it is happening because your experiences are fully known only to yourself.”

Brad Kuntz

Rome, Italy

The University of Southern California 

– Anna Marie Baroni

Rome, Italy

Oklahoma State University

“My course was intellectually stimulating and the small class was beneficial for in depth discussions. I learned a lot.”

“Traveling every weekend to a different country [impacted me the most while overseas]. I took advantage of every opportunity I could and have absolutely no regrets. School was great as were the professors, they were so helpful, and Sabina was the best advisor I could have asked for.


Athena was the most responsive and helpful program I was in contact with. They made sure the application process went smoothly and all questions I had were answered quickly and helped me understand the importance of being prepared. The cost was more fitting for my family and I than other programs and I am very glad to have selected Athena.”

– Nicholas Miller
Florence, Italy
Worcester State University

– Jennifer Stamate

Seville, Spain

Grand Valley State University

“I choose Athena because after reading the program descriptions I felt really good about the programs. To me, it seemed as though everything would be very hands on and that the people involved would be very helpful. Luckily for me I was right and chose well.”

“On-site administration and advisors were OUTSTANDING. I cannot emphasize this enough. All were personally interested in me, and I was so sad to leave each city because of how much I would miss the staff and administrators!”

Sydney Maltese

Tour of Italy

Marietta College

– Nicole Mercier

Dublin, Ireland

Salem State University

“Overall, my experience in Dublin was one of a kind. I will never forget the amazing places I went to such as the Cliffs of Moher, Kylemore Abbey, Blarney Castle and so many others. The locals are great, and love chatting with Americans about anything and everything to do with America. I can’t wait to go back and reminisce about my time there as a student with my own family one day.”

“When I first began looking at study abroad programs, I e-mailed a few organizations. Most returned my e-mail with another e-mail. Only one returned it with a phone call and that was Athena Abroad! And that kind of customer service only continued as I applied to the program and then embarked for Florence, Italy a few months later.”

– Chris Maggio
Florence, Italy
Capital University

– Christoffer Jansen

Dublin, Ireland

Capital University

I chose this program because of the Athena reps and their willingness to answer my calls and help.”

“Studying abroad in Greece has thus far been the best experience of my life!


Athena Study Abroad was so helpful in preparing me for this trip and in helping me meet other people who were going as well, through Facebook. I took chances and lived like I’d never lived on this trip and I do not regret one minute of it!


I still relive my favorite moments every day – cliff diving, sea caves, getting my pictures critiqued, old Greek men. It all had a huge impact on me and I will never be the same because of it – but it’s a change that has been for the better. I now see things in a different way and appreciate everything differently! I loved every single minute of that trip: new food, new experiences, and new lifelong friends.”


Lezli (Weis) Kuster

Paros Island, Greece

The University of Wisconsin, River Falls

– Stephanie Sutton

Tuscania, Italy

 University of Nebraska

“Matt McKay was especially helpful with Athena. His prompt email replies, his enthusiasm and interest in the program, and our satisfaction were the highlight of Athena Study Abroad. My classes and especially my teachers were exceptional …


…I feel that Tuscania is a hidden gem in this world. Studying in this idyllic town helped me to see the similarities that the inhabitants of this world possess, as well as the differences that make us all unique. I will never forget this month in paradise.”

“The greatest impact that I had overseas were the teachers that worked for Lorenzo de Medici and the help that Athena provided me throughout the entire process. The teachers truly cared about the individual students and really helped to make the experience fun. I met a lot of people through the Athena program through online social media, as well as the icebreaker groups that were held at school.


The entire experience that I had overseas was incredible, whether it was traveling to 11 countries with some of the best friends I could ask for (none of which I knew before coming abroad) or the experiences that I had in Florence both in and out of the classroom. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything in the world.”

– Jake Maio
Florence, Italy
University of Cincinnati

– Graham Neale

Paros Island, Greece

 Chapman University

“Things over in Greece were fantastic. The island itself is beautiful along with the culture. Life is pretty good when lived between the classroom and the beach.”

I will never forget my experience at the University of Roehampton! Studying abroad in London has been one of my goals and, thanks to Athena, I was able to make my dream a reality.”

Katie Yeaton

London, England

Endicott College

– Mary Teeple

Florence, Italy

 University of Arizona

“I am extremely happy that I chose Athena. Everyone was friendly and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process.”

“I could not have asked for a better organization to help me prepare and get through my time abroad. Athena offered me a once in a lifetime experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

– Aubrey Swift

Florence, Italy

Chapman University 

– Nicole Altomare

Florence, Italy

 West Chester University of PA

“The experience of just traveling alone to Italy and making my own friends really had a positive impact on me and my confidence overall as a person. I was only there for three weeks, but it was the best three weeks of my life that will change my life forever.”

“I would do it all again if I could. Thank you, Athena, for providing me with the time of my life.”

– Peyton Collins

Florence, Italy

Chapman University 

– Gabbi Reiter

Dublin, Ireland

 Columbia College Chicago

“I went on the day tour to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, and the weather was in our favor! We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful sunny day. The drive through the countrysides were unbelievable, and when we finally arrived at the cliffs the view was incredible, it was even more amazing then all of the pictures I have ever seen. It was a wonderful day, definitely a must see if you ever visit Ireland!”

“Studying abroad in Dublin was an unforgettable experience that has helped me to grow as a person. These four months have affected the way that I think about things. Studying abroad helped me to become a more independent person. It helped change my perspective, I stop and appreciate the small things, just like I continuously did each day while in Dublin. I never stopped feeling like a tourist, because I was continually awestruck.”

– Amy Liesch

Dublin, Ireland

Florida Atlantic University 


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