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You are great with people and are able to translate what goes on in your mind to the real world. You are assertive and outspoken - you are driven to lead. You have a knack for getting things done. You are intuitive and intelligent and spend a lot of your time absorbing knowledge. You aren’t afraid to make things happen, and you won’t back down from a challenge.

Athena's Top 3 Business-Savvy Programs

You are outgoing and friendly, warm and empathetic. You are highly attuned to other people’s needs and emotions. Radiating positive energy, you constantly look for ways to contribute to humanity. Being intuitive helps you see others’ potential rather than just their current situation. It also helps you interpret things in an original way that leads to unique insights about others.

Athena's Top 3 Educator Programs

You are gentle and compassionate and you are in touch with yourself and the world around you. You tend to live in the here and now. You are creative and enthusiastic, and especially sensitive to color, form, sound and feeling. You have a lively spirit and a lot of enthusiasm and can often stay focused on a creative project and forget everything around you.

Athena's Top 3 Artist Programs

You have an analytical and logical mind and love solving problems with real-world consequences. You have high expectations, and you hold yourself to the highest possible standards. You value information, knowledge and intelligence and you would make an excellent scientist and mathematician.

Athena's Top 3 Left-Brained Programs

You do everything to be efficient at your job, and you continue to push yourself to be the best at what you do. You strive to improve society and like to be part of organizations and governments. You are practical and straight-forward, and have little use for ``expanding your mind`` or having new experiences. You are, however, outgoing, and you have no problem with clearly communicating your needs and desires to others.

Athena's Top 3 Worker-Bee Programs

You can make anything look good, and that's an amazing skill. You like to learn about different cultures to widen your knowledge of the world. Utilize it for an entire career and spend the rest of your life making the world a more beautiful place.

Athena's Top Culture-Diver Programs

You cannot stand being confined in a schedule-dictated life. You make decisions for yourself, march to the beat of your own drum, go with your own flow. You are independent and always craving excitement and adventure. You have no fear and you like to test the limits of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Athena's Top 3 Free Spirit Programs

You have an analytical mind and love solving problems with real-world consequences. You love books, puzzles, and sometimes you'd rather spend time in a library than in a crowded, noisy event.

Athena's Top 3 Academic Programs

Not only are you very smart and analytical, but you also have a big heart for helping others. You are generous and loving people, who enjoy making a difference in the world. You are sincerely happiest when you are helping others and affecting the world in a positive way.

Athena's Top Philanthropist Programs

You are trust-worthy, and often the one people look to when in tense situations. You are kind and creative, known for your sensitivity and willingness to improvise, you are great at finding exciting new things to explore and experience. You live the moment, full of emotion, and love the outdoors and sometimes extreme experiences.

Athena's Top Adventurer Programs

You are active by instinct, and playing sports or doing exercise are part of your identity. You are highly competitive and disciplined. Studying abroad is another achievement waiting for you!

Athena's Top 3 Athlete Programs

You love languages, not only studying them but also putting them in practice! You always find the right words to express what you mean. You enjoy writing, reading and telling stories! For you it is easy to understand and interact effectively with others.

Athena's Top 3 Linguist Programs


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