Sharing Your Story

Staying Connected

Staying connected with friends and family is important while you’re off on your adventure so be sure to think through how you want to do that. Will it be through social media? Maybe an online blog? No matter how you decide to share your adventures be sure that you share them with us too! We love looking through your photos and living vicariously through you, so be sure to add us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter before you go!


Be sure to check out the Athena student blogs before you leave as well. You can read first hand accounts of Athena Alumni when they were on their programs and maybe learn a thing or two before you go!

If you’re interested in being an Athena blogger for your time abroad please contact us at!



Making Memories

While you’re abroad experiencing all of these new adventures it’s easy to think ‘I’ll never forget’. But trust us. Memories fade, no matter how amazing they are.

We highly recommend keeping a journal or blog while you’re overseas to document all of your fun adventures and so that you can remember all those good times for years and years to come!

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