Friday, June 3rd

Years of dreaming, months of planning, weeks of preparing and the day has finally came! Woke up this morning at a quarter to five, but of course, my alarm didn’t go off and mom woke me up a half hour later than expected… oops. Anyways, all worked out and we were on the road as planned! We had a family breakfast at Denny’s before the “see you later’s” at the airport. Not to mention, my packing skills were pretty efficient as I had not weighed my suitcase before my arrival and I took up just about every pound I could (I was pretty proud of myself for that).

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And now…. here I am, sitting at the airport, coffee in hand and completing my first post of this exciting adventure I am about to endeavor! Words cannot explain my excitement, however, at this point I’m just anxious to arrive. My first flight leaves in about an hour, but it’s just a short leg to Chicago where I have a four hour layover. But hey… who can complain, I’m sure there’s some good shopping and lunch in store for me during my wait. At 3 o’clock I will board my long flight to Rome where — if all goes as planned — I will have an hour and 10 minute layover and I’m on my way to Athens. My first few days will be spent exploring Athens where much of the history and architecture lies. 

Now all that’s separating me and the country I’ve dreamed about for years is a long day of reading, finishing up papers, sleep and a whole lot of travel!



θα σε δω αργότερα

(See you later!)


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