“A La Carte Pricing” Offers Low Cost Summer Study Abroad Options

Summer Study Abroad with Athena Study Abroad

Since Athena’s founding in 2005, a number 1 reason students think they can’t study abroad has been the same: COST.

This is especially the case in summer, where most students are unable to use financial aid.

For this summer, we have addressed that problem more than any other time.  With our updated pricing structure, which we call “A La Carte” pricing, many of our programs have become even more affordable.

Here is an overview of the top highlights of the new pricing structure:

New “A La Carte” Pricing

Athena has many inclusions in our typical programs, such as extra field trips, extra courses, homestays, and in some cases, upgraded housing. We recognize that while these inclusions are helpful for many students, the extra cost associated with these can be what prevents other students from even having the chance to go abroad at all.  Then we thought – we can lower the prices to take out some of the “extras” that won’t take away too much from the experience, while lowering the price for those who aren’t interested in the frills!

Therefore, we have broken out the pricing of specific summer programs to allow students to add on only the extras they want and can afford.

‘A La Carte’ pricing does not work for all programs, however.  For some programs, we found the “extras” to be integral to the program experience, and we needed to keep everything included.  We call these ‘Classic Pricing’ programs.  For other programs, however, we were able to pull out certain aspects programs.  To simplify pricing, all the extras are the same cost for all programs:

  • FIELD TRIPS: + $300
  • HOMESTAYS: + $500
  • EXTRA COURSE: + $1,200

6 Programs Under $3,000

We are proud to be offering SIX programs under $3,000.  These aren’t just two week programs, either!

Students have a variety of options for both course offerings, as well as locations.  The different countries in this pricing window include: Ecuador, Italy, Greece, Peru and Spain.

These aren’t the only options.  We have prices for every budget:

Affordable Italy: Tuscania Under $3,000; Florence Under $4,000

One of the most popular countries for study abroad is Italy.  It’s also one of the more expensive locations, thus, there are many students who would love to experience Italy, but haven’t been able to afford it.

We’ve changed that!

For $2,990, students can spend one month in Tuscania, Italy, taking electives or language courses.  Also, students interested in Florence, Italy, can now go for one month at $3,990.  For a location that typically costs over $5,000, this opens the doors of Italy to many more students.

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