NAFSA 2019 Recap: Athena Study Abroad and the Global Learning Collective

Another year, another NAFSA!

The Global Learning Collective Retreat

The weekend prior to the NAFSA conference in D.C., the leaders of each of the Global Learning Collective partners (Athena Study Abroad, The Asia Institute, Campus b, CEPA and EDU Africa) spent the weekend together in a lovely house in Maryland to do our first year-in-review (we just celebrated our 1st birthday as a Collective!),  as well as to discuss how best to enhance the services we offer as a Collective to the int’l education field, and most importantly, for our five teams to spend quality time together.

The Global Learning Collective at NAFSA

Once our team building weekend came to a close, the Global Learning Collective met in Washington D.C. and exhibited together in a beautiful island booth (#1701) at NAFSA, where we had the pleasure of meeting old partners, making new friends, and hosting our first “Taste Around the World” Reception, on May 30th, at the Global Learning Collective booth.  At this invitation reception, we hosted partners from around the world to meet and connect with each other, as well as to enjoy delicious beverages and snacks from each of our corners of the world!

NAFSA Support of Our Work at The Collective

NAFSA CEO Dr. Esther Brimmer selected The Global Learning Collective booth as one she wanted to visit on May 28th. The Collective members had a great opportunity to speak with Dr. Brimmer about the state of the field, the next developments on the horizon for each of us, and the collaborative work that will be coming from the Collective as a whole.

Thank you Dr. Brimmer for your support!

NAFSA President Brimmer meets with Athena Study Abroad, Global Learning Collective

Athena's Global Give Fundraiser: 4th Annual

In addition to the events of the Collective, we at Athena were thrilled to host our 4th Annual Global Give Fundraiser, benefitting one of Athena’s S.O.S. Charity Recipients – the GoAbroad Foundation.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, and we hope you enjoyed the fun phone wallet gifts as thank yous for your generosity!  Hopefully they help to keep you organized on all of those future trips we know you have coming! Your donations, combined with Athena’s dollar-for-dollar match, enable us to continue again this year to create scholarships benefiting students in the Philippines.  With the ongoing faithful support of our international and domestic colleagues across the field of international education, we plan to push this upward trend even higher next year in St. Louis!

Recently, we received this latest thank you and update note from Betty Griego, who was the recipient of a full academic scholarship funded by Athena’s 3rd Annual Global Give Fundraiser last year.  This is exactly why we do what we do!  Read about the life you changed by donating last year:

Betty – Essays – GoAbroad Foundation/Athena Global Give

In her own words, “Empathy is indeed a great means to start a movement of showing that there is the possibility of moving in the right direction.”

In addition to collecting donations, we also asked visitors to our booth to vote for the virtue the world needs most right now. The choices were:

  • Kindness
  • Humor
  • Patience
  • Hope

Thank you to all who made their voices heard!  We just finished tallying all of the votes, and the clear winner was… Kindness!   This will be the basis of the next Athena Global Give Fundraiser scholarship essay prompt. Be sure to check in later this year and read these though-provoking essays with us.

Thanks to everyone who donated!

We look forward to seeing all of our international education friends again next year in St. Louis!

NAFSA 2019 Fun
NAFSA 2019 Fun

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