Monday, February 18, 2008 | Florence, Italy

Hey Readers,
Sorry I’m a little late on this blog but internet access isn’t the easiest. It’s actually quite crazy how you can get used to not having the internet when in the US we are so used to having it at our fingertips.

This past weekend my roommates and I traveled to Rome! It was AMAZING!! Word of the wise to those who want to see the Colosseum… go to the Palantino first and buy a ticket that gets you in there and the Colosseum.

Get up early and go to the Palantino, its really beautiful and full of ancient ruins and gardens. Then afterwards you can cut the whole line since you already bought your ticket for the Colosseum. It’s the greatest feeling to cut a mile long line and walk right in.

Make sure you go inside the Colosseum, it was great.

Sunday we went to the Vatican and to go in the Basilica is free and is absolutely breathtaking. The marble and frescos are something everyone should experience. The Sistine Chapel was closed unfortunately so I’m planning on going back some other time, but we did get to see the Pope give a prayer and speech out his little window – apparently he does that every Sunday at 12 noon.

I had a little mishap of course and got my wallet stolen which really was frustrating because then I had to rely on everyone else for food and my train ticket back, but at least I didn’t get my passport stolen. Never carry your original with you! Always have a copy!!

The weekend was great, we had awesome weather, but a little chilly. Rome is a must see.


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