Monday, February 11, 2008 | Florence, Italy

Hey Readers,
Studying abroad has been awesome so far. I have finally had all my classes and they seem pretty interesting so far.

I love the cooking class that I’m taking because I get a mixture of the history behind the food as well as cooking it. Expect to pay quite a bit in lab fees though because you are paying for the food you cook and the class trips. I am going to end up paying about 225 euro for everything, but it will be well worth the experience.

My roommates and I took a day trip to Pisa to see the leaning tower on Friday and then went to Bologna on Saturday. The weather was great and sunny, a little chilly.

Pisa was great and we just walked around the city and the train was only 5 euro each way (for the slow train). Bologna wasn’t the most exciting but they have a ton of outdoor flee-market-like stands and everything there is much cheaper because not a lot of tourists go there. It was more on the hippy/ punk rock style if you’re more into that then try it out.

That train was long but was the same amount but we had to stop and take another train. Word of the wise – make sure you validate your train tickets before you get on the train because a guy doesn’t come around stamping your tickets after you’ve left like most do in america.

I fully believe that you will have the best experience abroad if you try and talk with the Italians and take in their culture. As the saying goes, “Do as the Romans do” definitely applies.

Jackie Batanglo

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