Meet the Marie McKay Global Citizen Scholarship Fall 2019 Recipient

The McKay Global Citizen Scholarship is designed for the Athena student who can best demonstrate an interest in and intention to promote the concept of social justice at a city, state, national, and/or global level. Because students who study abroad become many of our world’s future leaders, it is extremely important that these students consider ways to become globally competent citizens. The recipient of this award must demonstrate an initiative to give back to society, and awareness of global community, and intent to apply the skills and lessons learned abroad to his/her future endeavors.

The recipient of this year is:

Stephanie Mills

Grove City College

Cusco, Peru

Stephanie is a well deserving awardee of Athena’s Marie McKay Global Citizen Scholarship for her study abroad program in Cusco, Peru. Her passion for social justice and the understanding that action must be taken by all is evident in her opening remarks of her essay, which states, In a world where many people are given the opportunity to voice problems on accessible platforms like social media, I think it is more important than ever to be looking for groups whose voices go unheard. It’s easy to get caught up in the big problems or protests but there are more severe problems that stay in the shadows. While problems that get attention are important, we must continue to look for those issues in the shadows.” 

Stephanie has been an active participant in programs serving the needs of individuals overseas, such as delivering water filters and teaching villagers in Guatemala about the use of clean water (at the age of 15) to packing and delivering Christmas Baskets in her own community to those in need. Again, her own words describe it best: from my own hometown to countries across the world I’ve witnessed firsthand the fact that where there are people there exists the possibility of life-threatening needs. And I’ve also seen how easy it can be to put ourselves in a position to learn of and address those needs with real and lasting solutions.” 

We are thrilled to have Stephanie represent Grove City College and Athena during her time abroad, and look forward to following along her journey of giving and promoting social justice.


  • It will be an honor to have Stephanie Mills from Groove College at Academia Latinoamericana de Español in Cusco, Peru.
    Prepare yourself not only to learn Spanish but to have a total immersion in Peruvian culture. You will be able to interact with your host family, discover the amazing Inca Civilization in your trips, meet local people and try different food!. Peruvians are very welcoming people!.
    I know this will be an experience for life.
    Welcome Stephanie!
    Sandra Del Corral
    Operations Director Academia Latinoamericana de Espanol
    Ecuador – Peru – Bolivia

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