Maple syrup and long lines

Well, its been a long wait, but I am now sitting in Toranto Canada waiting to board my flight to Athens! Ive been in Canada for couple hours now and its pretty normal. There are many diffrent types of people here boarding this flight as well. Children, Seniors, parents, couples, and friends. There are a array of cultures that just remind me I am no longer in the bubble of Naples FL. 

I cant begin to tell you how excited I am! Its the last leg of a very long day.

Im hoping to pass out on the plane and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the new city of Athens, but one can only hope. 9-10 hours from now I will be in Greece!

So glad I wore comfty clothes and my glasses. And dont forget your pillow!

They have started to call zone numbers, so thats all for now.


Next time Ill be posted Ill be on the other side of the ocean, send good thoughts! 


With love, 

Erica M Flesher

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