Living in Dublin – Week 4


This week is starting week 4 of classes.  Classes are getting into the full swing of things, with tutorials now starting and assignments to start thinking about.  It turns out in two of my classes, the tutorials had already started, but exchange students were told tutorials started in week 3.  So it was a bit stressful to find out we were already a little behind so quickly into the semester.  Luckily, our professors understood, so it wasn’t an issue, and we just had to jump into on our essay topics that other students had a week or two to decide on.


I am still struggling with transfer credits at my home institution.  It’s extremely stressful to have to deal with this while being here because you are completely reliant on email.  One thing that I would suggest working out before you leave, is the guidelines they use for ECTS credits.  It turns out my school uses the guideline that each ECTS credit is worth .5 semester credit hours.  I wish I had known that in advance, because it would have changed how I went about choosing classes.


We have been exploring Dublin and finding new places to hang out.  One of our favorites is the Comedy Crunch at the Stag’s Head.  It’s a free comedy show every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  You also get free ice cream, which is wonderful.


Friday night we had dinner with a few people from school at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which is a great inexpensive option for dinner.  They have a student meal for €6.50.  Afterwards, we walked over to Sinnotts for a drink, which I would definitely recommend, although it gets pretty crowded during games.


On Saturday, we ventured out to Howth, which is technically in Dublin.  Howth takes about 30 minutes by bus or train and is pretty cheap, only €2.41 by train and €1.50 by bus.  Howth is a cute fishing town on a peninsula.  There is also a great hike around Howth that begins and ends at the town.  The hike is beautiful and only takes about two hours.



Even with the stress of classes and transfer credits, this week was still a lot of fun!  I am enjoying Dublin so much, and I feel like the semester is going by way too quickly.

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