Living in Dublin – Week 3


We finished the second week of classes!  This was the week that we had to make our decisions and register for classes.  The classes aren’t too hard, yet, and they all seem pretty interesting.  Hopefully, it will stay that way throughout the semester!

This weekend was our three day trip to see other parts of Ireland.  We left at 7:00AM on Friday and headed towards southern Ireland.  The drive was a little long and foggy most of the way, but most of us slept for a lot of the drive.  Our first stop was a large rest area that is named for President Obama because his family is from the area.  There is a Presidential museum on the 2nd floor.  It is fascinating that they have a rest area named after a United States’ president.

Our next stop was the Rock of Cashel.  The Rock of Cashel is a gorgeous castle and it looked awesome in the fog.


We drove to Blarney Castle next, luckily the weather improved by that point!  The Blarney Castle is amazing and we were able to kiss the Blarney Stone. 


We drove to Annascaul, near Dingle, which is where we stayed for the night.  It was a pretty fun night.  We had dinner at the South Pole pub and then walked back to the hostel, where we played pool and ping pong.  We did learn that if you leave your windows open and the lights on in the evening, when you get back, your room will be full of bugs.

The next day we drove to the Ring of Kerry, which was a beautiful drive!  The roads are a little terrifying because they only have room for one car most of the time.  But the view is worth it.  There are also a few beaches, which are definitely worth seeing.  In this area, Star Wars was filmed a week before we were there, which is incredible.


Afterwards, we drove to the Cliffs of Moher, which was one of the coolest views I have ever seen!  It was a little terrifying because there is nothing to stop you from plummeting over the cliff, but it does give you an unobstructed view.


That night we stayed in Doolin.  Doolin is a cute town and the hostel we stayed at was wonderful.


The next morning, we drove back to Dublin.  It was a fantastic weekend getting to see and experience more of Ireland while building and solidifying friendships.

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