Launch of Athena’s First “Around the Globe” Summer Camp

Athena was thrilled to realize a goal of ours this summer, with the June launch of our first summer camp for kids. As part of our Athena Community Enrichment (ACE) Workshops, and with the idea of introducing local children to other countries and make them aware of the different cultures around the world, Athena’s ” Around the Globe Summer Camp” started.

Athena’s own Pilar served as the workshop leader.  She was born and raised in Spain, and after being in contact with the English language all her life, she made it her major at University, obtaining a Master’s Degree. She has been traveling and teaching languages since she graduated, to people of all ages and nationalities. Now that she is living in the US she would like to teach not only Spanish language but also Spanish culture and make people aware of the importance of learning and sharing other languages/cultures.

The ACE camp kids got their Athena Around the Globe passports ready, checked their suitcases to be sure they have a lot of excitement packed, and willingness to learn in their pockets.


Around the Globe Passport

During the first session, they learned about the different continents in the world, and after localizing Asia in the world map, they traveled to Japan. They colored the Japanese flag, they found out that Tokyo is its capital city and that Mount Fuji is a volcano! They read about shrines and temples, about their food and how they eat a lot of rice and fish. They also learned some words in Japanese, and even how to write their names in katakana! Then Pilar taught them how to make some origami, how to count in Japanese and they even drew and colored a postcard to send to their parents. They also tried to use chopsticks to pick up popcorn that at the end got eaten!

Using chopsticks blindfolded!
Learning the art of origami


The following trip was to Spain. After localizing Spain in the map, they colored its flag and learned about Madrid -the capital city- and the biggest cities in the country. They visited Park Guell in Barcelona and made a Gaudi’s style salamander with the mosaic technique. After that, with carnations in their hair,  tried to dance some flamenco! Later on, and while enjoying a Spanish omelet, they met Don Quixote and how he fought the windmills thinking they were giants. They also made some windmills recreating the community of La Mancha. They even tried to pin the ingredients on a Valencian paella blindfolded!

“I think is important to encourage them to learn about the rest of the world. It is interesting seeing how kids are willing to learn about different traditions, how curious they are about different languages and how fast they learn them!” – Pilar said – “And besides, we all had fun while learning!”

Playing "Pin the Ingredient in the Paella" game!
Don Quixote windmills


In the following session, the kids traveled to the United Kingdom. Once again, they found the UK in the world map and then colored the flags of the different countries: Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales.

They watched a video about London, Buckingham Palace, the changing of the Royal Guard, the Royal Jewels and the Queen. They put together a split-pin royal guard and after that, wearing a bearskin hat that Pilar made, they pretended to be royal guards. It was difficult not to move or laugh!

They talked about Ireland, about leprechauns, sheep and Irish music. While they watched a video explaining some facts about leprechauns, they made a sheep like the ones in Ireland.

After that, they had some tea and pastries (juice and crackers) while trying to have a polite conversation about the different things they learned during that morning.

Our Royal Guards
Pretending to be a Royal Guard!
Having a nice cup of tea

In addition, they visited other exciting locations such as Italy, Greece and various countries in Africa!



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