Last Week Woes

Our last week in Europe had arrived. Brianne and I hurriedly packed our essentials into our small carry-on bags and like certified tourists made our way through Spain and up to France. We planned to go to Barcelona, jump over to Palma de Mallorca and then hop over to Paris. Little did we know that we were trying to cram too many things into one week.

First stop was Barcelona. I have never walked for so long in one city, not even Sevilla. We got to see one of Gaudi’s houses which was full of color and life. After what seemed an eternity of waking we found La Sagrada Familia. It is an incredible structure and still being worked on. From its foundation to he tallest peak, La Sagrada Familia is by far the mos interesting building I have seen in my life. The next morning we got up early and made our way back to the airport.

Two hours later I was listening to the waves and my feet were touching sand. We had made it to our anticipated beach get-away: Mallorca. It’s funny, Brianne and I could have sworn we were in Germany. Everything from the restaurants to the people were German which made those two days a lot more interesting than expected. Our hostel was a few feet away from the beach so we spent most of the day tanning (getting sunburn) and enjoying the beautiful water. We were in PARADISE. At night we walked to the center of Mallorca and ventured into German bars which was hilarious because we could not understand the music. That night we found out Spain and Italy were going to play against each other in the Eurocup’s final game. Cheers to that!

Thursday morning arrived and we waved goodbye to Mallorca’s beautiful beaches. A few hours later and after a magnificent flight with Vueling airlines (highly recommended), we could see the Eiffel Tower from our plane’s window. Bonjour! Paris was epic, from being booked in the wrong hotel in the ghetto to missing our flight the next morning, that was the icing on the cake. I still can not believe I stood in front, under and behind the EIFFEL TOWER! We had time to also stop at The Louvre which was also an experience. Did I mention we got sunburn from walking around Paris? I am pretty tan but I was RED in all of my pictures, hahaha!

As soon as our plane touched down in Sevilla, Brianne and I felt at home. We hurried to our usual Hostel, Picasso Backpacker Hostal, showered and met up with our incredible friends. The night begun at a pizza place we frequented during our stay and then made our way to Alfalfa. That place is awesome! It is a bunch of bars in one street, with cheap drinks and tourists and locals merge into one big diverse community. The next morning was the day Brianne and I were dreading since we arrived in Sevilla. We went back to our Infantes Residence and picked up our luggage. We took a last picture in front of that doorstep that had welcomed us into this adventure I will never forget. That night we went out with our friends again, met some new housemates living at the house we once resided in and got ready for the big game. Sunday was all about packing and rearranging all of our clothes, souvenirs, shoes, etc. That night, dressed in red and with our game faces on we witnessed Spain’s victory against Italy. Woo-hoo! Fast forward a few hours later, I begun to cry. I can’t tell you if it was a mix of joy for having met such incredible people and for having experienced such a relaxed culture, but I cried.

6 a.m. and we are on our way to the airport. Eighteen hours laters and were back in Dallas.  Our mother were freaking out haha!

I am so happy to have taken the risk of going abroad. Regardless of being completely broke right now, I would do it all over again. In order to grow as a person, one must see the world and befriend diversity.

Last night in Sevilla, GO SPAIN!


Goodbye house!

The boys!

Stop for chupitos, on our way to Alfalfa!

Torre Eiffel



Sunny in Mallorca!


Beautiful Mallorca sunset


La Sagrada Familia


One of Gaudi’s Houses



My Sevilla at night

Can I go back?!?!

Viva España!

Hostel in Sevilla (our last night)

The Louvre, Paris

Brianne and I in Mallorca


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