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Creative Writing Workshop

Course Code:JENG 352 & ASIA 352
Contact Hours:45
US Credits:3

This course is an intensive workshop designed to encourage writers to discover and experiment with their own voice. The course will assist the student’s exploration into the realm of his/her own creative resources, away from the dependence on learned voices or the weighty impressions of the “great writers.”  To aid in this process of discovery, students perform spontaneous writing exercises in class and experiment with persona, voice, and character. Each week, students will submit new writing for open, non-judgmental critique and will discuss in a small workshop setting the ideas and feelings they possess about writing and how it relates to their lives. Questions on “craft” will be examined from different points of view, and no hierarchy of style or manner will be imposed.

Japanese Society and Culture

Course Code:JSOC 311 & ASIA 355
Contact Hours:45
US Credits:3

This course is specially designed to offer students an insight into the history and significance of classical Japan, as well as introducing them to the vibrancy and variety of Japan’s hi-bred modern society. It also aims to provide an inspirational energy that will assist students, no matter their major, in both creative and critical substance. Lectures and readings will prepare students to place in artistic and historical context their impressions gained during the many field trips and excursions. A cultural and social survey will provide students with examples of early to modern Japanese moral attitudes and manners. The full immersion the course entails will help students gain a truly meaningful understanding of the nation’s overall relationship between its classical traditions and its modern way of life. During the first half in Tokyo, we will examine some of the major elements that have shaped modern Japanese culture and society; its history and nature, classic arts and crafts, religion and a variety of traditional cultural practices. In the second half in Kyoto, we will delve into the essential issues affecting contemporary society; education, politics, economics; contemporary arts, gender roles, and family structure.

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