How To Pack Smartly on Longer Terms Abroad

There are a lot of factors students need to take into consideration when packing for study abroad. There’s way more to packing than meets the eye, so we’re breaking down the top do’s and don’ts  of what and how to pack. 

The Do’s

  • Bringing toiletries from home.

Being in another country, a student’s favorite product might not be on the shelf.

Our Tip: Students should have products that will last for at least 2-4 weeks of their stay, at least long enough to settle in, possibly find what they usually buy or get help buying something comparable.

  • Packing for any weather. 
Students will most likely experience several different climates abroad, so preparation is key. 

Our Tip: Clothing that is good for layering and can match well are essential for a successful abroad experience.
  • Stocking up on medication.
Navigating a foreign health care system can be difficult when a student is ill.

Our Tip: Filling needed prescriptions or, if needed, also contact lenses, as far ahead of time as possible can be very helpful in a time of need.



The Don’ts 

  • Overpacking.
This may seem like a relatively harmless mistake. But students will be appreciative when they aren’t paying hundreds of dollars for overweight fees! 

Our tip: Having the student lay out all items they would like to take, and eliminate half of them.
  • Shoes.
In many countries, the roads and sidewalks are made of cobblestone, cracking concrete, or dirt. That being said, heels or uncomfortable shoes should be left at home. 

Our Tip: Top four shoes to bring: one pair of daily shoes, one pair of exercise/hiking shoes, one pair of shower shoes, and one pair of nicer shoes for an internship or going out.
  • Lots of Food and Snacks.
Every country has its own unique snacks and finding the student’s favorites is an experience in itself.

Our Tip:
We suggest bringing something that is unique to the student’s home country to share with new friends. But they should refrain from bringing the whole grocery store in their bag.


Do you have tips?

We’d love to hear what tips you have and we can share yours as well!  Just email us at info@athenaabroad.com.

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