Habits from Tokyo That I Hope to Keep

Here are a few things I picked up on during my trip!

1. Being mindful of trash.

There aren’t many trash bins in Japan. The bins that you do see are for recycling what you just finished from the multitude of vending machines.

You become very aware of how much trash you accumulate once you carry it around all day looking for a trash bin.

2. Being open to the experience.

I experienced so many firsts in Tokyo that I would have shied away from at home. I’m not too sure what to call that feeling, but I hope to hang on to it.

Open spaces, ready to explore

3. Making and sticking to plans.

The phrase “I don’t know, what do you feel like doing?” took up too much of my free time. Time is money that cannot be refunded. I will spend the rest of my summer making absolute plans opposed to flying by the seat of my pants only to end up doing nothing. That being said, one must be flexible in planning and open to change.

4. Going out more.

I often avoid public transportation at home out of fear of getting lost. I managed find my way in and out of the streets of a place as massive and confusing as Tokyo without issue. That fear is pretty much as good as gone. I don’t plan on missing anything else.

Not-that-scary subway

5. Inari-zushi.

Inari rolls may just be the best thing I’ve ever had. I didn’t know that something as simple as rice wrapped in a little tofu pocket would bring me such joy. Inari-zushi is thought to be the favorite food of the Shinto god Inari’s fox messengers. Foxes have very good taste. 

An Inari shrine

Thank you, Tokyo! I’ll be back soon.

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