Greece, Tests and the Sun

HI Friends! I survived Mid-terms week in Italy!

Last weekend, I travelled to Greece. It was so amazingly beautiful! I think it has been one of my favorite trips so far. If I had to pick one place from my trip to revisit it would be Greece.

We left on Thursday afternoon and caught our train to Pisa. (Pisa is where we usually fly out because it is cheaper) Pisa is about an hour train ride. I really enjoy the trains here, they go everywhere. It’s awesome. From Pisa we flew to Rome, we had an hour layover and then flew straight to Athens. We arrived in Athens around Midnight. Our flight from Athens to Santorini didn’t leave until 6:50 in the morning so we had lots of time to kill in the airport. We tried to sleep, which would have been better if there wasn’t super loud construction. We slept for a while though which was good. We hopped on our plan and landed in Santorini 50 minutes later. It was such a short flight. We caught a cab and we went straight to exploring.

Our professor had told us that it was going to be warm, we believed her, even though we checked the weather before we left. Neither of us had brought a coat and it was chilly. The sun was warm but there was so much wind and it was cold. So, when we were walking around and exploring we decided that we were dumb, and should have brought a coat. But this is beside the point. We were able to make it without a coat the entire weekend.

The Greek people are so friendly and welcoming. It isn’t yet tourist season so there was a lot of construction happening and lots of people saying hello as we walked by.

At this point in the day we were exhausted and it was only 9:30. We got a hold of our air b&b host and we got our keys. Our place was cute, cozy and cold! We got in and immediately turned on the heat. We napped for a bit and then went out exploring. We set out on a hike for Red Beach. We found the bus station and caught the right bus. On the way from the bus to the beach we met some really cute cats and hung out with them for a while. We finally got to the beach, (which by the way is not Red), and hung out. It was way too chilly to wear anything less than leggings and a flannel. We skipped rocks and Caitlin took pictures.

On the way home, we were looking for places to get food and decided on “Mama’s”. It wasn’t that amazing but we stopped and got Strawberry and Nutella Crepes. THEY WERE SOOOO AMAZING!!!! We walked back to our house, which was all up hill…. Our apartment was warm, thank the Lord, and we went to bed super early.

(I feel like a mom when I travel because we always go to sleep super early, like 8:30-9. It’s not like we have to force ourselves to go to sleep either, we are completely exhausted and usually fall asleep so fast. It’s crazy.)

Before we went on to the trip, Caitlin had done some research and found this hike from Fira to Oia. It looked like a lot of fun so we decided we would dedicate our Saturday to it. We were supposed to start in Fira but we had already explored there so we just started at our house. We hiked down sooo many stairs to get to the first part, it was nice going down and the views were amazing! We walked around and found this church that was on the side of the cliff. Everything was so beautiful. But when you go down you must go back up. We start back up the hill, and made a cute little cat friend that followed us the whole way up the stairs. (There were stray cats and dogs everywhere!!). We continued our hike and it was fun, the sun was warm which I was very grateful for (later I would realize that we were only getting sun from one side and I would have an awesome sunglasses burn line.. but while I was disappointed in myself for the AMAZING burn line I had received, I was soon happy to see that it had already faded. Thank goodness.). We got to our destination of Oia in about 5 hours.

The views from the hike were incredible and if you head to the island of Santorini, I would highly recommend doing the hike.

Oia has the best places to watch the Sunset on the island, so we found some food and it was absolutely amazing! We got gyros, which was one of the foods on our list when we left. We went to the main tourist spot for sunset. We got there super early so that we could get a good spot. We noticed down below there was a spot that went out farther than the spot we were on. We went to see if we could hike out there. Caitlin found a trail and we sat and waited for the sun to set. The view was amazing, absolutely incredible! An hour later, when the sun actually set, we were so cold. The wind was freezing and we still didn’t have proper clothes. We headed to the bus stop and waited to catch a ride home.

We got back to our house and packed to go home. We left the next morning at 6am and 3 flights later we were back in Florence. It was such an amazing trip. I loved Greece and I hope to go back someday and visit some of the other islands.

Back at home, we were exhausted. You have plenty of time to sleep on the plane (not that I am ever able too) but I always feel extra tired after a day of traveling. We got home and went straight to studying for our mid-terms. We had both already started studying a little bit, while we were in Greece or before we left. It wasn’t like we were under prepared and needed to cram but we still needed to study.

Mid-terms hit full force, but they weren’t crazy. They were not what I expected tests to be like here though. It was a stressful week and I am glad that it is over. (They make you take all of your tests in pen, who does that??)

I started writing this post last Saturday, before I left for Spring Break. Life got crazy and I wasn’t able to finish before I left. So here is the Greece post, Sicily and Scotland post is soon to follow.

I love you all so much, Ciao!

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