Great Success in Osaka



Greetings from Japan!

After a crazy airport experience we landed in Kansai Airport near Osaka, Japan. Japan customs was way easy to get through (quite refreshing)…compared to Canada where I felt violated as they dug through my bags and spat random and strange questions at me. The trains they have here are incredible, they don’t smell of urine and other odd smells as they do at home in Chicago. We went to our first booked hostel in Fukushima, Osaka and we were told they canceled our booking due to not showing the day before (bummer 🙁 …due to our canceled flight.) At this point my blood started to boil a bit! BUT, the people of Japan are the most accommodating and thoughtful beings I have ever met and are genuinely concerned for others well being. This being said, the cute and soft lady behind the counter at the hostel immediately started calling nearby hostels for us. Within 3 minutes she had a room lined up for me and my lady at a guest house that was only a 5 minute walk away.

Later that night we had dinner at a restaurant (unknown name….due to me not be able to read Japanese characters) but it was madly delicious (oishii!). We had fried chicken skin (unreal) some edamame, and this delicious buttery and light soy sauced beef that dissolved with love in our mouths, and, of course we had some Japanese biiru! From there we went back to our hostel and got changed, which was followed by the most insane subway experience I’ve ever had in my life. This place was an underground city, awesomely crazy. We made it to Osaka’s famous Dontonbori which was full of neon lights and advertisements. Young crowd with brilliantly unique fashion. Twas, again, a great success.

Cheers and Kan-Pie,


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