Goodbye Session 1, Hello 2

Hello Athena Abroad enthusiasts! Session 1 is officially over and Session 2 is underway. Let me apologize for not staying up to date during Session 1. Since my class was one that traveled everyday, I was in Central London for 10-12 hours daily! It was a beyond packed schedule but I am so happy that was my first class. I got to see a ton of what London has to offer! We had to keep a blog for every outing we had and that was our final project for the class. I will post a link to that when it is released to the public after it is graded. Here’s a complete list of all the places my class visited:

  1. Tate Britain Museum
  2. Museum of London
  3. Orange Tree Theatre to see An Octoroon
  4. Victoria & Albert Museum
  5. Fleet Street Tour
  6. Imperial War Museum
  7. Wellcome Collection
  8. The British Library
  9. Tate Modern Museum

(Tate Britain)

(The aftermath of An Octoroon at Orange Tree Theatre)

(Section of the Berlin Wall at the Imperial War Museum)

(The British Library)

In addition to my class, the social program put on by the university took us on a Pub Crawl, to Windsor Castle, to Oxford, to the Tower of London, and to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre.

(Windsor Castle)

(Courtyard entrance at Oxford that was used for scenes in Harry Potter 2 and 4)

(Drinking the Green Elixir at Wicked)

My Session 2 class is titled Hidden London, which is a creative writing and workshop class. We will read literature about London that is under-recognized in how it is currently shaping modern London, and mimic writing styles and themes that the class will workshop. Our first lesson today was called “Apocalypse Now”. We read excerpts from writings about the Great Plague and Great Fire of London in the 1600s, and discussed the concept of viewing an apocalypse as an everyday occurrence not a single incident. Then after class discussion, video clips, and other readings, we were able to try writing a fictional apocalyptic event.


Now I’m sitting in a newly discovered café/bookstore drinking a flat white. About to write and address three post cards for family at home!

Until next time,


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