Good Luck, Athena Alumni!

It is hard to believe another class of Athena alumni is just a few weeks away from graduation day.  After all of the exams, papers, quizzes and readings you all have finally made it to the finish line, whew! 🙂 Take time to pat yourselves on the back and relish in the success of being a college graduate. As you begin to move on from your collegiate experience and take on the next chapter in your life, there are a few things Athena wants you to remember along the way. 

Remember you are brave. You are so brave that you traveled to the other side of the world to leave your friends, family and all the comforts of home behind. Even though mom and dad, advisers and friends may have supported you along the way (which you should thank them for), it was YOU who believed YOU could do it. Take this bravery with you into the real world; it will take you further than you ever dreamed it could.  It has already taken you to the other side of the world, hasn’t it? 


Remember you are capable. You thrived in an unfamiliar environment and navigated a foreign place because you are a capable young adult. You did not quit, you did not go home and you did not let the challenges get the best of you. There are undoubtedly going to be hard times and difficult decisions in your future. But we know you are capable of handling them and taking all of it in stride because you have already proved it. 

Remember that you now are a citizen of the world. You are a competent person in our globalized society because you have experienced a culture and way of life different than your own. Now, you have an advantage over the pile of resumes handed to an employer and you have something to talk about in an interview.  You took advantage of studying abroad and enhanced your academic experience to propel your degree to the next level. 

Whether it is graduate school, the working world, or maybe even more time abroad, we have full faith that you will succeed in anything you choose to do in life. You have already proven to us you are brave and capable. Enjoy this success of your past four years and soak up the feeling of accomplishment today. Then, buckle up and brace your globalized self. The real world is waiting for you. : ) 


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