Giving Back Never Goes Out of Style

While fashion trends come and go, seasons fade and hairstyles change, one thing that never loses its style or importance is the idea of giving back. Whether your passion is to find shelter for the homeless, befriend the elderly, rescue abandoned animals, or donate locks of your hair, there is always room for more love in the world. We at Athena do our best to put charitable giving at the center of our work and mission through our S.O.S. program.  With three unique components, S.O.S uses a dynamic approach to help Athena Study Abroad fulfill our mission of giving back to the community and the world.


The first component of the S.O.S. program rewards those who have already made a commitment to service and volunteer efforts. Offering scholarships ranging from $250 to $8,000, Athena is happy to reward deserving recipients who are able to demonstrate themselves as proven, competent global citizens. Consistently impressed and proud of the hard work being done by our students, we encourage you all to continue the amazing work already being done.

In our home office of Columbus, Ohio, we do our best to give back to the greater Columbus area through staff volunteer days, where we volunteer our time with several different local organizations. We strive to set the example for our students by dedicating time to The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Gracehaven and many more. 

Lastly, Athena has seven partnered charities to which Athena makes monetary donations on behalf of each of our students at the conclusion of every study abroad term.  Students are able to read about each organization on our website and choose which charity or non-profit they connect with most, and then select the organization that they’d like to receive their Athena donation!

Athena Study Abroad believes wholeheartedly in the idea of giving back to the world. Whether it be on a local or global level, there is always love to give and work to be done. How will you make a difference this summer?  

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