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Hey all!

It has been amazing living here on the island. Everything is so relaxing and chill. A lot more vacationers have resided here since we have moved in. You hear so many different accents and languages anywhere you go! We met some girls from Australia and we also met a couple from Canada so it is really cool meeting all these people from different places.

The other day we went on a trip to Antiparos and got to go cave swimming which was so so so much fun! We jumped off of our boat into the bluest water I have ever seen. It was quite chilly but it was amazing to be swimming near such breathtaking rocks. I would definitely do it again.


One thing that I am going to miss a lot is the food. I have had so many great lunches and dinners here that are also for good prices! The other night we went to Tavern Mira and I got the stuffed eggplant with fries for only 5 euro! 


I am also going to miss the gyros a lot. They are toooo great for only 2.20 euro. How can you beat that?? At home they would probably be 8 dollars. It’s such a great go to food that you can take out!


It has also been amazing meeting so many new people! Everyone that is in our program is so different and friendly! I hope that we all keep in touch because it has only been a week and I already love everyone! It’s funny how much you relate new people to old friends. I see a little bit of old friends in almost all of the people here but it is also comforting as if I have known these people for awhile!

But for now I have to get ready because we are going to Santorini tomorrow!!!!!!!!




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