Fissore’s in Fussen

To get into the spirit of the holiday season approaching, my sister Maddie and I took a “twin trip” this weekend to Bavaria, Germany to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Starting in Heidelberg, we got up early on Friday to catch our first train out of four to get into Fussen. We have been so use to taking the bus everywhere that transferring from one train to another felt like a dream come true. When we first arrived into Fussen, Maddie and I felt a little bit homesick because it reminded us exactly of our small town of Saxonburg back at home. There were local stores and restaurants on every street just like back at home. The only difference was we were surrounded by the alps and castles. We spent the weekend hiking up to the castle and getting a tour of the inside. I couldn’t tell if I felt like I was more in a fairy tale or in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Being in Europe, I am very lucky to see many castles and even live right down the street from them. However, Neuschwanstein Castle was my favorite because not only of how incredible it was but the scenery around it. Where else in the world can you find a fairy tale castle sitting on the alps covered in snow with carriage rides to take you to see it?

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