First weeks in Sorrento, Italy

I have settled into my new home base at school in Sorrento. I wish I could describe or capture the beauty of this place in words or pictures. 

The ride here was jaw dropping. The town is bigger than I imagined, with cobblestone roads winding through the mountains, tunnels that go on for several minutes. Laundry hangs off patios out on clotheslines, cats and dogs roam in the streets, the side alleys are filled with shops showcasing their fine leather and linen goods out in the alley with apartments above them. There are gaping cliffs and the area smells like fresh Mediterranean air, delicious food, occasional cigarettes, as smoking is more common here. The sound of the city bell rings often throughout the town and most traffic is walking or mopeds unless you’re on a main road. It is truly like living in a fairy tale and I feel unbelievably lucky and fortunate to be here. I am trying to soak in every minute and really notice things and feel what it feels like to be here. 

My room faces the school’s lemon garden with hammocks and paths winding about, which I am sure I will make good use of as it cools down. My room also has a little patio, and down the hall I have a kitchen shared with a few other people and a big patio facing the Mediterranean. The beach is a 5 minute walk from my school. The main plaza of Sorrento is also about a 5 minute walk! 

I spent most of the first couple days with my classmates getting to know everyone and exploring. It’s been jam packed and I already feel like I’m friends with my classmates! The school is small (about 40-50 students) so I will get to know everyone pretty well. Last night I got dinner by myself to reflect and relax and I accidentally ordered an entire liter of wine (€10 only! hehe). I also went swimming in the Mediterranean and could see Mt. Vesuvius and the sunset. At night there is music playing and people chattering and it is just as lively if not more than night.

The school facilities are very nice, it is an old building that has been well upkept and is very clean but has a lot of history. We are soon about to go out for a walking tour of the city, school gardens and school. The staff here is clearly very passionate and friendly. I included a picture of my workstation at school with a view of the sea. Classes so far have been moderate, my internship is probably the most demanding.

Me getting coffee before my first class on my first day! Cheers.
Caught this cute puppy relaxing on my walk down to the beach!
Classic view in Sorrento from the main plaza.
On our welcome tour, we got to meet this lovely wood worker who showed us his craft that has been passed down his family for generations.
Where I set up to do homework at school.
A plate of veggies and a cappucino freddo (cold cappucino). I really appreciate that there are SO MANY specialty coffee drinks here and they actually taste like coffee, not just milk and sugar!
I spent an afternoon cleaning up the beaches!
The sunsets are amazing, and the view from the school is great!
Some friends and I exploring a cove called Regina Giovanna.
The color of the water is magnificent.

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