Tree between the church and cemetery gates

Excursion No. 2

Last weekend brought us our second excursion. Yuko, George, and Ionnais led us across Paros Island to the town of Lefkes. We reached The Church of Agia Triada, with its (now re-enforced) bell towers made of marble dating from the early 19th century. We also visited the cemetery where most graves used beautiful slab marble.



From the mountain village of Lefkes, we hiked along the Byzantine Trail to Prodromos. The trail itself has been restored in places, but much of what we walked over was marble and stone placed nearly a thousand years ago. Along the path we could see beaches, islands, and flowers; both towns were beautifully set into the landscape. As we walked past the white, square houses, I was in awe of the many shades of blue and green on painted doors and shutters. I also noticed a few buildings that were up for sale…

A beautiful tree in Prodromos with pink leaves

We ate at a restaurant in Prodromos for lunch. There, we discovered a soft local cheese that blew feta right out of the water that it’s stored in. The Tzatziki sauce had a garlicky punch to it that went well with zucchini fritters. The food was only matched by the generosity of our hosts (which seems to be a Greek standard).

Afterwards, we piled into the vans full, fatigued, and ready to relax on the beach. Before I really knew what was happening, we were hiking up to Agia Anagiri. A monastery on a steep hill.


Red Geraniums in a garden with ancient marble


From here we could see three or four neighboring villages, cloud covered slopes, the sea, and distant islands. I would not have wanted to skip this spot but, by the time we were back to our seats, most of us were half asleep.


During our last excursion, the air seemed a little foggy, but I think it may have been dust. One teacher saying that it comes from the Sahara Desert, especially in Egypt. The dust was unnoticeable then, but on Thursday it was thick. I had planned to go for a run that morning but seeing the wind kick up dirt from the road was enough to keep me inside. When it’s even a little less windy, Paros is a wonderful place with constant clear skies.

The only exception to that came one night just as I got into bed. At first I thought that someone was on my balcony taking pictures with the flash on, but then I heard the rumble of thunder. I jumped out of bed and out onto the porch. I could see dark clouds flying past above, and lightning arcs crossing the sky in the distance. After a few overhead strikes and the first few drops of rain, I retreated to my room. It was a short storm, but exactly what I’ve been waiting for since last fall.

Bonus picture with a view of the sea


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