Ending with Barcelona

This past weekend, my BFF and I took the trip we had most anticipated during our stay in Spain. We finally got to Barcelona. I have made you a guide of all of the things we did! We were lucky in December to have pretty good weather. It was a little chilly but if you bundle up you will be fine. I do suggest ditching the cute shoes and wearing sneakers because you will do A LOT of walking. The city is HUGE and you will want to see everything. Here’s my full guide…


From Seville, we were able to book flights with Ryanair for €80 round trip. We paid an extra €8 each to sit together on both flights. We arrived in Barcelona early Friday morning and left late Saturday night, so all we had was a backpack each and we didn’t have to pay anything to bring them on the plane. Additionally, our tickets were accessible from the app so we didn’t have to worry about printing anything at all, skipped luggage check-in and were through security in about five minutes in both the Seville and Barcelona airports. It was seriously the easiest thing ever!

The rest of  the transportation was a bit wishy-washy. The airport in Barcelona is super far from every major city attraction so you will need to take the A1 Aerobus into the city center. This costs €5.90 per person. If you get your return ticket at the same time there is a small discount to I would definitely suggest doing this. You’ll need to take the Aerobus to a metro station closest to your next destinations.

My friend and I made the mistake of getting something called a “T-10” pass for €10.20 each, per advice from our AirBnB provider. This is a ticket good for metro, bus, train, etc.. but only for 10 rides. Because everything in the city is SO SPACED OUT, we needed more and ended up spending too much money. We suggest getting a 2-day unlimited pass. It’s a little more money but will get you a lot further. You can get any of these tickets in the metro stations, which are super easy to use.

What We Saw

Day 1

Once we arrived in Barcelona, the first thing we saw was the FC Barça stadium. We got a grand tour for €25 each. I highly recommend this because the self-led tour lasted about an hour and half and was super interesting. You can see the trophy rooms, locker rooms, press conference meeting places, the stadium ministry, and of course the field. I’m not even a huge futbol fan, but this was an amazing experience and their team is home to the best player in the world.


Later, we visited Gaudí’s famous Sagrada Familia which is quite easily the most beautiful masterpiece I had ever seen. We got the tickets ahead of time for €17.50 each and spent a great amount of time there. The lights that enter from the stained glass windows make it look like a wonderland and it is truly a sight to see in person. Photos do it no justice. I would plan on spending about an hour there at least!

Later we went to the Museum of Illusions. This ended up being so so fun! It’s basically a series of rooms with different murals on the floors and walls which you can take really crazy pictures with. They provide you with examples and reference points and it puts you right in to the funky settings! We each got passes for €10 and loved every second! We would highly recommend this if you have already seen Picasso and Dalí elsewhere like we had.

Free Add-On

Later at night, you must stop by the Magic Fountains for a free water and lights show. I have heard unbelievable things about them. Unfortunately, we got to the fountains just after the show had ended because we were unsure about the time table. It changes all the time depending on the time of year so be sure to check the schedule out here!

Day 2

Early our second morning, we went right to Park Güell. I suggest getting there as early as possible because it becomes a mad house in the blink of an eye. We arrived at 8:30 AM and only about 5 minutes where we were not surrounded by over 10 tour group busses full of people. This is a must see in Barcelona but plan accordingly. We got tickets to the main part for €7.50 each, but there is also a huge portion that is free. I will tell you that this park is so remote and at the top of an enormous hill so it would be dreadful to walk to it. My friend and I got a taxi ride for really cheap. It was beautiful and as the sun rose, its beauty shone more and more.


Later that day we did something I was so looking forward to… going to the zoo! The Barcelona Zoo was really impressive and only €10.70 to get into. Zoos in America are at least 4 or 5 times that! We spent a long time seeing all of the wonderful animals from around the world and had a really great experience!

We also saw Las Ramblas which is a major walkway flooded with street vendors, florists, coffee shops, etc. It can be expensive but is definitely worth walking through. We went past it on our way to see the Casa Batllo made by the famous Gaudí. I was really excited to see Casa Batllo, but it honestly wasn’t as amazing as photos had made it seem. We didn’t go on a tour because it was really expensive. But we were at least happy to walk by it. It’s up to you whether you want to go inside or not.

In Total

I would definitely recommend getting to Barcelona if you can during your time in Spain. The north is so completely different from the south and has so much to offer. You can make it fairly affordable and it is a true wonder. Some of the sights will take your breath away and it is such a great place to see with friends. I hope one day I can go back in the summer time to enjoy the beaches and the summer life. It was one of my favorite trips and I will never forget it!   


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