Dublin Week 2

The first week of school here in Dublin has flown by incredibly fast. The way that the first weeks work here is a little different then how they work back in the States. Here in Dublin, the first week of classes is like a trial week. You can go to as many classes as you want, decide what you like or don’t like, and then you register for classes. So I spent this first week exploring my options as far as classes go and now I think I have my schedule picked out. I am really excited about some of the classes they offer here! One of my classes is a Creative Writing class, which seems like it will be a great deal of fun. Another one of my classes is an Irish History and Culture class. For that class we went on a tour of different historical parts of Dublin. Yes that’s right, I spent class time walking around and touring Dublin. Am I living the dream or what?!

Here in Ireland the first week is called Freshers Week. Which basically is just introducing new students to college, and since I am an international student, I got to take part in Orientation. Get this… part of our orientation here at Griffith was attending a circus. Yes you read that right, a circus. We watched dogs ride horses and girls disappear into magical boxes as part of our orientation. Another day, Pepsi Max came to campus with a DJ and a Nerf gun and handed out free sodas. I’m in love with this place already.

Tonight is Culture night all throughout Dublin, so I’m super excited to go out and experience it! If I haven’t already mentioned it then one thing to know about Dublin is everyone is super friendly. We have met so many people in random places that I otherwise would have never known. And the locals are more then happy to help or guide you!

Well I am off to explore again, so until next time!!


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