“Do you have wifi?”


It is sad how Internet connection has become a necessity to everyday life. Conveniently, almost every cafe and restaurant has wifi here, but traveling in large groups of Internet hungry college students can make it very slow. For the most part I like the disconnect from social media, but I do wish I could talk to my family more often.  I facetimed with a few of them today from The Secret Cafe, a place close to our classrooms.

The last week has been packed with adventures. I am physically and mentally drained, but in a good way. The history teacher gives lessons during our excursions and it is amazing how the history comes to life. There is so much beauty in the landscape and the architecture and the people. I kind of feel like I am stuck in a painting or a book. The other students are also amazing.  It is so fun to meet new people and to learn about their stories and lives.  I am taking creative writing and photography.  Creative writing is especially wonderful because you learn a lot about a person through their writing.

Before we left Athens, we climbed to a couple lookout areas and to the Acropolis.  It was tiring, but SO overwhelmingly beautiful.  b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_7501.JPG


After the five hour ferry ride to Paros, we were given our own rooms in Jimmy’s Apartments.  The locals are used to having students around, so it is a lot of fun talking to  the local business owners (and the discounts don’t hurt either.)  I am probably going to spend 90% of my money on food throughout this trip.  We have kitchens, but it is so easy to pass a restaurant and immediately crave Greek yogurt with fruit and honey (my new favorite) or a 2 euro chicken gyro piled with vegetables and fries.  They may have to roll me onto the plane….


We have ventured to different parts of Paros and will be traveling to other islands.  A few days ago we visited Antiparos (where Tom Hanks has a vacation home…?!).  Tomorrow we go to Santorini!  We have hiked around, been to beaches, caves, and marble queries.  Three things that are necessary here: water, sunscreen, and supportive shoes!!!

It is colder than I expected, but not in a bad way.  There is always a breeze on Paros which is lovely.  At night and some mornings it is cool enough for long sleeved shirts or jeans, but I have been managing in dresses and shorts.  I am definitely spoiled by the weather, and it will be an adjustment coming back to four seasons a week Ohio.

I’m obsessed with the ocean.  The saltwater makes it easy to float.  It is shockingly clear compared to the dark and polluted waters I am used to seeing.  The colors are the most beautiful blues… No painting or picture can truly capture the majesty of the Aegean Sea.  I could stare at it for hours.


A piece of advice from my writing teacher (who is completely amazing): Be fearless.

Have a wonderful week and do something that makes you uncomfortable.  The theme of the day is no regrets.



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