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Cordoba is a city in Spain that is right next to Seville. This weekend I went on an excursion with CLIC to visit Cordoba and it was absolutely amazing! The trip was 45 Euros which is kind of pricy for a one day excursion but it was so worth it! I enjoyed all the historic facts behind the culture of Cordoba that were illustrated by the CLIC staff. Exploring Spain is fun but when you go on trips with the school you get insight to different things that wouldn’t otherwise if you were alone. I would definitely recommend visiting Cordoba and here is why:



El Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos has a military influenced architecture that was built by the orders of King Alfonso XI de Castilla in 1328. The queen Isabel de Castilla and her husband Fernando de Aragon lived in this Alcazar from 1482-1488. The structure of the Alcazar is pretty well preserved and is absolutely mesmerizing! The inside of the building has mosaics displayed on the walls along with other historical artifacts. The lower level of the Alcazar has what is left from what used to be Arabic bathrooms and that is also very interesting to look at because of how old they are.



Fun Fact: El Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is where Christopher Columbus met for the first time with the Kings of Spain and discussed his proposal for the conquest of the Americas. These statues are located in the garden of the Alcazar and represent that moment in history.


The garden of the Alcazar was enormous and absolutely gorgeous! The picture on the right was taken inside of the Alcazar and it was intriguing to learn about how much history has occurred in this place!


La Mezquita- Catedral de Cordoba is an Arabic influenced catholic structure that is out of this world! It was originally a Mosque but when Spanish king Fernando III began to conquer the area, the muslims were expelled from Cordoba and the structure was turned into a Cathedral. The mixture of cultures that is present in the church is the most unique I’ve ever seen. Usually a Mosque has its style and a Catholic church has another but this has both present and it is stunning!

Cordoba is known for their intricate design of silver jewelry. I enjoyed walking through the shops and observing the different styles of accessories that are unique to Cordoba.


All in all, I can honestly say I loved visiting Cordoba. I enjoyed that the school staff let the group have free time to explore and shop around but also gave us a lot of historical background on Cordoba throughout the tour. I learned so many new things during this trip and I would definitely recommend it!


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