Cincy to Madrid to London

One week from today I’ll be stepping onto the University of Roehampton’s campus, and I cannot wait!!

With months of preparation behind me, I am ready to start my 6-week summer program. I arrived in Madrid, Spain just yesterday for an 8-day visit before I fly over to London. I have several friends from my home university, University of Cincinnati, studying abroad in Madrid so I was determined to come to Europe a little early and see them.

Preparing to get where I am now has never felt more rewarding. Working two jobs, sending countless emails, making phone calls and payments, printing documents, and all the other preparation is FINALLY paying off. When I stepped off the plane yesterday I thought two things “I can’t believe I’m here” and “I can’t believe my parents let me do this alone.” It’s been a surreal feeling actually being somewhere that I’ve been imagining and planning to be for months. The other day I booked my flight to London and I imagine all these feelings will come back next Thursday when I arrive. Adiós for now!


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