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Sorrento Program Alum Advises Internships
for All Study Abroad Students

For Rachel Jongsma, who studied at Athena’s program in Sorrento, Italy, hosted at the Sant’Anna Institute during Fall 2019, it’s quite simple: “If I met someone who planned to study abroad I would highly advocate for an internship experience. The benefits are infinite.” (She also is an advocate for Sorrento!) She knows this from experience: “My …


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Amanda’s Adventures: Two Cities, One Weekend

For the last weekend before spring break here at Sant’Anna, my friend Victoria and I set out to explore two of the most famous cities Italy had to offer: Venice and Florence. We knew from the beginning that this would be a packed weekend.  We wanted to make this a doubled up trip where we …


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Amanda’s Adventures: A Day in Napoli

The Sant’Anna Sorrento study abroad program offers a number of excursions to local places in Italy. Some of them are for classes, but others are for everyone in the study abroad program. The latter was the kind of field trip I went on today. Today the offered field trip was a day trip to Naples. …


13 Jan | Alexis Pero | 4 Comments

Bella Vita di Lexi: My First Week

Hello again! It has been exactly a week since I arrived in Sorrento and started the biggest journey of my life. It has already been quite an amazing journey and has gone so much smoother than I thought it would. I had so many exceptions coming into this, and so far, they have already been …


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The Epiphanius Emotions of Studying Abroad

By Abby Malmrose The second day into my study abroad program was orientation day. My culture shock had already set in at that point. Half of me was freaking out thinking that I had made a terrible mistake; the other half was just trying to stay awake —let’s be real, orientation is never very exciting, …


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Top 10 List: Things You Can Expect to Change When You Study Abroad

by Pilar Filgueira Athena Study Abroad You have probably heard that studying abroad is a life-changing experience. But what does that really mean?  Here we outline ways that study abroad can change your life for the better! 1.Your taste buds. You will find yourself in the store trying to find the right ingredients, the perfect ...


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