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Sorrento Program Alum Advises Internships
for All Study Abroad Students

For Rachel Jongsma, who studied at Athena’s program in Sorrento, Italy, hosted at the Sant’Anna Institute during Fall 2019, it’s quite simple: “If I met someone who planned to study abroad I would highly advocate for an internship experience. The benefits are infinite.” (She also is an advocate for Sorrento!) She knows this from experience: “My …


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Financing Your Study Abroad Experience

By Jaclyn Schulz Enrollment Coordinator Athena Study Abroad   You’ve been accepted to Study Abroad! Hurray!! Now we know the next question: how are you going to pay for it?  For the prudent student, there are plenty of scholarships and awards to be had – you just need to know where to look. First off, ...


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Webinar: How to Fund Study Abroad

If you are a student looking for funding, or an advisor who is looking to help students with funding tips, be sure to check out the video below. Athena Study Abroad staff members discuss the popular topic of how to fund study abroad. BACK TO RESOURCES


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How to: Expertly Pack for Study Abroad

Determining what you need from what you want. Fitting everything into the right-size bag. Making sure you can lift said bag on your own….Packing correctly can be an art form. Athena Study Abroad has dozens of ideas about what to pack, what not to pack, and how to pack in its pre-departure resources on its ...


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Top 10 List: Things You Can Expect to Change When You Study Abroad

by Pilar Filgueira Athena Study Abroad You have probably heard that studying abroad is a life-changing experience. But what does that really mean?  Here we outline ways that study abroad can change your life for the better! 1.Your taste buds. You will find yourself in the store trying to find the right ingredients, the perfect ...


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How To: Study Abroad with an Illness or Disability

By Alayna Travaglione Alayna Travaglione, from Salem State University, studied abroad on Athena's Sorrento Program and didn't let her severe rheumatoid arthritis prevent her from going abroad. Here she shares a bit about her experience, as well as tips to help future students seize the opportunity of studying abroad. Read more about this inspirational student ...


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