SPAIN: Seville

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Ending with Barcelona

This past weekend, my BFF and I took the trip we had most anticipated during our stay in Spain. We finally got to Barcelona. I have made you a guide of all of the things we did! We were lucky in December to have pretty good weather. It was a little chilly but if you …


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Feelings on December 1st

Losing Spirit I’m going to be honest… At this point I feel very ready to go back home. It seems as though everyone around me is feeling the same way. We missed Thanksgiving, and now decorating the Christmas tree. We’re homesick, it’s getting cold, and we are counting down the days to going home to …


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Ronda/ My Dream Travel Agency

The Province of Málaga is so different and special in comparison to Seville. If you’re looking for a change, look no further! It’s greener, colder, and older! The specific city I’ll be referencing in this post is called Ronda. It is a rocky dreamland with the best views I have ever seen. My boyfriend was …


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Visiting Granada

    Granada is a southern Spanish city in the Andalucia region. If you study abroad in Spain, you must do your best to visit as many cities in Andalucia as possible. I loved being able to compare the different environment between Seville and Granada. I personally travelled to Granada through CLIC which was fine but …


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Braving the Cold

Before picking a study abroad location, you usually have a picture of what you want in your head. Maybe you see yourself in a big city or on the beach. Maybe you see yourself deep in the mountains somewhere. Growing up in New England, I was very accustomed to the cold falls and winters. In …


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Tapas to Try

It took me a while to love the food in Seville, but I really love it now! I think the biggest problem at the beginning was the language barrier regarding the menus. Luckily, some restaurants have English menus too, and I would always go out with a friend and get one of each. I suggest …


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