SPAIN: Barcelona

2 May | Hayley Cormack | No Comments

Visita muy rápida en la ciudad de Barcelona

¡Hola! I am writing this as I am waiting in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris for my flight to London and then Aberdeen, which means I will be returning for exams after a long spring break. Spring break was actually about three weeks long and so I have a few trips to blog about …


6 Apr | Sydney Rondina | No Comments

Tourists in Barcelona

This weekend we stayed in Barcelona and did everything that we had not had the time to do yet. Thursday night we tried out the bus for the first time instead of the train and successfully made it to the Bunkers at El Caramel. Here I watched the sunset with my 3 friends… and 3 …


21 Mar | Sydney Rondina | No Comments

Weekend in Prague

Walking through the city of Prague felt as though I had just stepped into a storybook. The buildings were absolutely beautiful and I could have walked through the city forever. We walked across the Charles Bridge, to see the John Lennon wall and both were amazing. The Charles Bridge let you see the entire city …


7 Mar | Sydney Rondina | No Comments


This weekend was Abroadfest in Barcelona and it was incredible to see so many new people in the city. Hundreds of students all study abroad in different places came together to share a love for music and for the city of Barcelona. Each performer was amazing and brought the entire club to life. We danced …


28 Feb | Sydney Rondina | No Comments

Weekend in Berlin!

Spent the weekend in Berlin and had the most incredible time! The Berlin Wall was the most breathtaking site I have seen so far in Europe. The historical significance paired with the amazing artwork all along the wall, made it an unforgettable experience. After seeing some more sites such as checkpoint charlie and Brandenburg Tor, …


22 Feb | Sydney Rondina | No Comments

Being Touristy

Spent the week being a tourist in Barcelona while my mom and sister were here. Loved having them over here showing them this amazing city! Spent a day climbing up Montjuic to see the incredible park and walk through the Joan Miro museum. The modern art done by Joan Miro was outstanding to see. We …


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