JAPAN: Tokyo

21 Jun | Alan Bosley | No Comments

First week in Japan

I made it. Somehow. I do NOT like flying international. Also Jet lag. Jet lag sucks too, cause it makes me wake up at the crack of dawn every morning, which is at 4:30 AM mind you. But that’s all over and done with for now, and now the real Japanese experience begins! It’s a …


20 Jun | Anchitta Noowong | No Comments

What I pack for a 3-week study abroad Athena summer program in Tokyo


18 Jun | Alan Bosley | No Comments

Preparing for Japan

Well, it’s finally time. Within 24 hours I’ll be on a plane to Japan for the next 6 weeks. I’ve been excited and preparing for this trip for months, telling everyone about it, and honestly I was never super nervous about it.Until this week.Update emails. Last minute supply purchases. Figuring out what to pack. Nothing …


16 Jul | Gabe Gonzalez | No Comments

Mt Fuji, Traditional Onsen, and Even More Food!

Mt Fuji is quite a sight to behold. With mountains all around it, Fuji still rises taller than all of its neighbors and can even be seen from northeast Tokyo, 100 miles away. After visiting traditional Japanese museums and art galleries it became clear just how iconic Mt Fuji is in Japanese art, so being …


2 Jul | Gabe Gonzalez | No Comments

Exploring Tokyo, and More Food!

I’ve been exploring all around Tokyo this past week and I’ve seen so many amazing sights, but a few of these really stuck out to me. I took the picture to the left from the 45th floor of a skyscraper in the heart of Tokyo. The name of the building is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building …


2 Jul | Christen Duerring | One Comment

Our Fleeting Time in Tokyo

I can hardly believe that I am only a couple of days away from moving from Tokyo to Kyoto! Most of us are sticking around for the Kyoto part, but the few that are leaving shall be greatly missed. We’ve definitely enjoyed many adventures together, and we are sure to experience more in the next …


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