JAPAN: Tokyo

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Week three in Japan – Half way through

And just like that, three weeks flew by, and my time in Tokyo is over. It’s…weird, the first two weeks seemed like such a long time, but once week three started it was practically already over. Everyone started worrying about packing, having to go home (or in me and Dina’s case, going to Kyoto), and …


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Habits from Tokyo That I Hope to Keep

Here are a few things I picked up on during my trip! 1. Being mindful of trash. There aren’t many trash bins in Japan. The bins that you do see are for recycling what you just finished from the multitude of vending machines. You become very aware of how much trash you accumulate once you …


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You Have to Get to the Public Bath House

I’ve gone to the public bath twice and I’m not sure how to live without it now. Japanese bathhouses, or Sentō, exist because in the past, many homes did not have bathtubs. The sentō also serve as a place to socialize and relax. Japan-Guide has a great article on sentō history and guidelines: I was …


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Week two in Japan

I think I’m finally getting the hang of life in Japan. I’ve settled into nice morning routine, riding the trains is super easy, and the convenience stores are maybe a little too convenient. Seriously, with such a small kitchen buying groceries to make full meals is rather difficult, and with us being out so often …


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Semi-Traditional Japanese House Tour


24 Jun | Evan Hall | No Comments

Top 5 Moments From My First Week in Tokyo

I haven’t stopped smiling since I got here! 1. The Public Bath After walking all day through Harajuku. A soak -in the hottest water you can find- is what you need. I was terrified to strip down in front of strangers but it’s actually very liberating and I have to go back. 2. The Shrines …


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